Monday, March 21, 2011

It's coming....I promise

I'm going to write a new, big, fat, monster post soon. I promise. And, yes, I am alive. And busy. For now, I will let you swoon...
 Would you just look at this bubba? Okay to be fair. Here's one of my girl. Oh, how I love her.
We'll talk again soon. Swear. Lots of good stuff is going on!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nothing and Something.

Today was nothing. But, man was it something. It was just a plain 'ole Saturday. We woke up (with Regan in between us)  to Tyler yelling for his "Moooooooommmmmmyyyy!!!" from his crib. I went upstairs and was greeted by my happy boy. I got him dressed. As I was finishing, Regan came on upstairs as well, so I got her set to go as well. We took our time. Brushing hair with slow strokes, reading a book in between each ponytail. It was easy. It was careless and careful at the same time. We had nothing to do and nowhere to be really. But, I dressed my babies with care. I put bows in Regan's hair and didn't rush. I gave my babies the cereal they picked out at Target the night before. Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries. They ate, watched cartoons,drank their OJ, and did their usual adorable morning routine. Soon after, we ventured over to Walmart to get a few last minute supplies for Tyler's birthday party next weekend, and then our big boy got his hair cut. He sat as still as could be the entire haircut and did not so much as bat an eyelash. I was such a proud mother considering the kid next to him was acting like he was just minutes before released from an insane asylum. Our next stop was Mimi's house to set up some party decorations (us) and beg for candy (kids). We both got our jobs done well! :) My in laws basement looks AWESOME and is all set up for my big buddy's 2nd birthday party. As the day turned to night after eggs for lunch, naps,  mundane chores, and dinner, I noticed that it was something. Something about today was right. It was good and showed love and just worked. It's the kind of day you imagine you will have when you think about a family before you have one. It was nothing, but really, it was something. After I took a long bubble bath with my babies, Regan "read" her baby brother a book. Then, at "jammie time" she picked out turquoise shorts, a turquoise t-shirt, and turquoise socks. With a turquoise bow. I tried to explain the term "overkill" to her. Right over her head, I tell ya. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "But Mama, it all matches so beautifully." As I type, Regan is fast asleep (head to toe in aqua), and Tyler is upstairs hosting a rave in his crib. Really. You didn't get your e-vite? He is going through a stage right now where we put him to bed at a reasonable bedtime, and then for the next TWO HOURS straight parties his a$$ off. No crying. Just playing with Buzz and his doggy and his pillow pet and his didi (paci). Last night, Mike and I were sitting downstairs minding our own business around 10:30pm and out of the blue Tyler yells, "Yeeee-Hawww!" Then, belly laughs. That kid is the bomb.

So, as the night settles and the day is remembered, this one will go down as the Saturday that nothing was seen as something. Man, if that's not cool, I don't know what is.

Carry on, friends.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This morning, we went to the circus for the first time with the kids. It was pouring rain, and we were supposed to meet a huge group of families from Regan's school (along with Mike who was coming from work), so I was not very optimistic about a calm, smooth morning. However, that is exactly what we got! I love that! The kids had a blast. Some of the highlights from the morning included:

-Tyler spotting the elephants and screaming with sheer delight, "Dinos!!!" Poor kid thought we were back in the Mesozoic Era.
-Spending time with some great families/friends from Regan's preschool. One of the best decisions we have ever made for her is choosing the school she attends. Love it!
-We were in the hallway buying candy for the kids and a cage of tigers rolled RIGHT by us. I swear I thought Tyler was going to go into cardiac arrest. SO EXCITED!!! He was yelling in his adorable little high pitched voice, "Mommy!!! Ti-er. Whooooooooooooo!!!!" 
-Watching the kids' faces as the tigers jumped through the fire ring.
-Regan telling me she didn't like the tiger trainer's shirt because "it showed his nipples."

-Regan sat next to some of her friends for a few minutes. I watched her be such a big girl, and I was proud like always. 

-A man doing a handstand rode a motorcycle on a tightrope with a gal hanging from it. The kids couldn't of cared less about the trick, but Mike and I thought it was pretty awesome. So, we all left happy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week to remember.

On Sunday, there was a HUGE thunderstorm in our town. So, of course, lightning hit and took out our furnace. (You should have seen Mike running around our bedroom at 2am thinking our house was on fire. Hilarious in retrospect.) We got a new furnace today. It's Wednesday now, which means we have been without heat for three days. Yes, we live in Indiana. Perfect situation, especially with two small babies! Also, in the last five days our refrigerator has broken twice (once on it's own, and once due to lightning) and our dryer stopped working. Seriously? I'd make some dumb joke like, "What's next? Is the house going to blow up?" But, it might. Like, for real. So, I am just going to be thankful that everything is now up and running again, and carry on. Due to all the awesomeness that is my life, I have been missing on the 'ole blog. I promise to post more soon and show you what we've been up to. Other than buying new furnaces and such.  Being an adult just isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes. But, you know what IS fun? Playing with trains wearing construction goggles with your ear flopped the wrong way. Now that, my friends, rocks.