Friday, October 21, 2011

Clear the air, clean the wood.

The can on the top... air freshener. The cans on the bottom... dust spray. They are the same shape and both say Febreze on them. See why I've been dusting with air freshener for five months? No? Just me? Damn.


So, we were at the library yesterday. Keep in mind, I hate that freakin' place. Library time and I just don't vibe. But, we had a great moment there yesterday. As we walked into the childrens' wing, we approached the Thanksgiving books that were all placed together in the holiday section. I say, "Oh, look guys! Thanksgiving books! We should get some!" Regan, straight-faced and unimpressed (as usual) replies, "Why?" I go on to tell her we can lean and read about Thanksgiving and get so excited about the upcoming holiday. (Did I tell you I am generally more excited about holidays than either of my children?) So anyways, I'm going on and on, asking her "Aren't you excited for Thanksgiving?" My five year old then responds, "I don't see what the big deal is. Don't we just sit around all month and eat chickens?" For the love. Bless her heart.

This week we were in the works of a few possible BIG changes going on that I'll tell you about soon. Also, I realized on Wednesday evening that I've been dusting my WOOD FURNITURE with air freshener for months. I don't even know guys. As our week wraps up, we are looking forward to tomorrow morning... The family is heading to West Lafayette for Purdue's homecoming game. Boiler Up! (I AM A HOOSIER and an IU alum, but DO fully support my husband's alma mater. I'm nice that way.) 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This face.

I love this face.

We are now back from our fall getaway. It was absolutely perfect. The rain and cold greeted us back home, so it definitely feels like autumn. To celebrate the official season change, today we are off the the movies, just me and the babies. They are going to be so excited... I haven't told them yet! We will visit the library, and then it's home to make pumpkin muffins and unpack the crazy amounts of over-packing I am guilty of from our trip. Here's to fall...and this face too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This week I did not.

This week I most certainly DID NOT do the following things:

Wipe my entire face with nail polish remover instead of toner.
Drive my daughter to the wrong preschool. You know, the one she attended LAST year.
Look in the refrigerator for my day planner. 
Eat two hot dogs, a caramel apple, caramel corn, and a giant pickle for lunch at a ranch on Saturday. THAT would be embarrassing.
Spend an hour watching a wiggly cocoon hoping a butterfly would come out.
Play the app on my phone called "Hair Plucker" for an extended amount of time.
Drop the kids' pumpkin on my own neck.
Scream when a plastic golf ball rolled across the floor because I thought it was a mouse. You know, 'cause mice and golf balls look alike.

Okay, maybe I did do these things.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday girl party post.

This little girl is so many things. She opinionated, and strong willed, and beautiful, and adventurous, and hard to win over. She loves orange, animals, movies, Monkey Joe's, ice cream, playing and learning, and her new piano. She's changed from a girly, tiny princess to a more rough and tumble kid who'd rather not be in pink nail polish. She is sure of who she is. And who she is is so freaking amazing. I mean, this kid rocks. She's seriously cool and teaches me new things about who I am , and who I'd like to be. She's made me a mama, made me better. She helped me begin my life in a way that mattered. The day she came  five years ago was the first day of our lives together. Her face seemed like the first one I'd ever seen before. Suddenly, her voice was the only one I'd ever heard. I lived for this kid, and wondered what I did until she came along. I guess I just did a bunch of stuff while I waited for my girl. This little girl is an open book... she's not afraid to tell you what she expects, what she needs, and what she wants. That takes some people their whole lives to learn how to do, am I right? Her story will be big, and even though it's only beginning, the blank pages are filling up with lovely memories of a girl who fiercely protects her baby brother, thinks her Daddy hung the moon, and who is mama's sidekick. She loves her doggy, says she's going to be a doctor and a Colts cheerleader, and wants to spend every day at home rather than school. Regan baby, the fact that you are mine blows my mind. I dreamed you, I imagined you, And then I got you. That my dear, has made these past five years the best of my life. I hope I am doing right by you because I am helping write your story. I hope you look back on the first five years of your life you will remember love. Everyday I worry that there was more I could have done in order for your story to come together more perfectly. So, I suppose as long as you have felt loved, it's a happy story that will surely have a happy ending. Happy birthday baby girl. You tell me all the time that you will be my baby, even when you're a grown up. I sure hope you mean that. I can not believe you are 5 already. You make me the proudest mama.

To celebrate the big 5, we had a crazy fun pool party on a warm, Sunday evening. There were cannon balls, cupcakes, presents, friends, family, and a happy little lady. She was so excited to swim with all of her friends since she is an awesome swimmer now and wanted to show her "moves." I swear she said that. We rented out our private pool, I made the beach cupcakes, and together we made the goody bags. It was beach themed and definitely a night to remember.  

 A few friends before the party started!
I love this picture of our friend, J! 

 A shot of the pool before everyone got there!

We have got a good looking group of friends and family, I tell you. 

Look how happy she is. 

 Melt my heart!

Yes, all of my friends are super models. 
Ring around the Rosie.

Amber is at her post. Every party she helps my kids open their presents while I take pictures. Who knows where Mike is?

Happy birthday sweet girl. You are 5, and you are so loved by so many. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Regan turned 5.

Regan turned 5! (Two and a half moths ago!) Sorry baby, we've been busy. I'm going to tell y'all about it as soon as the pictures are ready. 'Cause, you know. What's a party without lots of pictures to capture my pretty baby turning 5? But for now...
Thank you to all of the people who love my girl.  Because of you, Regan feels love beyond what we can even offer. A big 'ole party post is a'coming. 

Friday, October 7, 2011


We went to Michigan this summer for a getaway with my parents, who are known as GG and Papa. It was wonderful. It was the first time we kids had ever stayed in a hotel. They are accustomed to private beach houses, you know. Very seasoned travelers, let me tell you. :) They thought the hotel was a big, giant party! We all slept together in a king size bed upstairs, while GG and Papa slept downstairs with a random child at any given moment. Did you even know two story hotel rooms were such a thing? So fun! We also went swimming VERY late and ate long, lazy continental breakfasts. I will admit one morning Tyler ate 4 bowls of "Toot Loops" and wasted all of the eggs, waffles, and bagels available to him. This vacation also offered some other firsts for us. We learned how to hunt for fossils and found tons! We saw and conquered our first dunes, we paddle boarded for the first time, and the kids kayaked for the first time. Tyler fell in love with the sand and face planted in it several times to prove his deep affection, and Regan loved walking the beach and swimming  far, far out with her Daddy! We climbed the Warren Dunes which was really cool! Regan was the first to the top. :) We shared some awesome memories of hot sand, cool water, and long days with picnics at Warren Dunes and Weko Beach.