Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A day.

Today we woke up at 8:45. Tennis starts at 9am. Pretty good planning on my part if I do say so. I got myself, a squirmy baby boy, and a half asleep 4 year old ready, fed and juiced/coffeed in 15 minutes! We were only 2 minutes late to tennis because tennis in 2 minutes away in our neighborhood, thank goodness. I pulled up to the courts, Regan jumped out of the car with her water bottle and tennis gear dragging behind. That's my girl! She is really loving her tennis lessons this summer. She is able to hit the balls they serve her, which makes her SO proud. Mr. Drew and Miss Megan are AWESOME with the kids!

Our next stop was to get my guy's hair cut. He did great! He held really still while he sat in a Thomas the Train seat, watched Garfield, and held onto his dinos. Regan kept telling him, "Ohhh, you look so handsome!" So sweet!
Next, I took both kids with me to get my eyebrows waxed! Oh. My. Goodness. Hilarious. While I am laying on the table, Regan says, "Mom, your eyebrows are huge. You are a mess!" Thanks, kid. Meanwhile, Tyler is throwing a balloon at me and my phone is ringing and chaos is beginning to ensue. By the time I was done, both kids are begging for pedicures and bumping into the foot baths on the way out. Poor ladies who were trying to relax.
We've spent the rest of the day playing in the backyard, snacking, and doing chores at home because we are simultaneously waiting for the cable guys who are supposed to be here between 1 and 3. It's now2:30. My anxiety is climbing. They better show up or mamas gonna be HOT! 
Tonight, is pool night for the family with chicken caesar sandwiches for dinner. I am so truly grateful to spend day after day after day with my babies. Getting haircuts, watching them learn new sports, wiping tears, setting up slip and slides, stopping at the gas station for slushies, eating tzatziki on the back deck, pushing swings, and even feeling frustrated at times. These are the days, that I am truly alive. The way these kids are today, at this moment, I never want to forget. Hence, the mindless blog posts. Their mundane is my excitement. Their everyday is my whole life. Their thoughtless is my "I need to file this away in my never forget file." Their spirits and energy they treat us to are so very beautiful. The magic they create puts almost everyone they know in awe. We belong to one another. My heart is inside of of them. I don't know where it was before, perhaps waiting on them? But, now, it's in them. Wherever they are, they take me with them. When they laugh, my heart leaps. When they cry, that pain is felt too. I was born for them. And, they were born to be with me, each day, teaching me to see the beauty, to play, to laugh, and to be present. Even while getting my eyebrows done.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Fishers freedom fest love story.

This weekend tells the perfect love story.

I love that he loves him. 
 I love that she loves me.
 I love that they love one another.
 I love mamas who are "on" full time, fixing the hair at the home town parade. 
 I love papas who are "on" full time as well.
 I love that we all schlepped chairs, coolers, juice boxes, babies, beers, and one another for a summer day together.
 I love the excitement in my baby boy's voice.
 I love the excitement in the big kids' eyes as they collected candy off the warm pavement.
I love that they love one another and worked together to get the good stuff. 
I love that they will remember these moments. 
 I love that my friend got the baby girl she dreamed of.
I love this hilarious bike. 
 I love this boy more and more and more with each day that passes.
I love this family. We share such funny jokes and sweet memories. 
I love that my boy and his uncle are so close. 
 I love cousins.
 I love that my baby felt like a big boy out there.
I love her innocence. 
 I love his too.
 I love my babies.
 I love that I captured this perfect moment.
 I love that I got this one too.
 I love that my man is still friends with the same boys since childhood.
 I love a busy, full house.
I love our babies together. 
 I love their squeals.
 I love their joy.
 I love his blue eyes.
 I love these memories on a warm summer evening.
 I love the easy friendships that evolve naturally.
I love friends that are family and family that are friends. The lines are hazy sometimes. 
I love my crazy boy. 
 I love this picture.
 I love when laughter fills the air.
 I love my nephew oh so much.
 I love that he wouldn't stop cleaning. Hilarious!
I love the love that is shared. 
 I love that we were able to share a day that lasted into the night.
I love the anticipation of fireworks. 
 I love this family.
 I love my family too.
I love little girls with sparklers! 
 I love the next few pictures!

 I love that Daddy is their hero!
 I love that he got to do his own fireworks!
 I love that they are best friends!
 I love their love.
 I love that they are mine.
 This weekend, we celebrated freedom in our home town with a parade, a cookout, and fireworks with friends and family. We were rollin' 30 deep with a crew that shares so much laughter, so many memories, and so many more great times ahead. We piled into my house and yard to be together, to love and pass around one another's babies, to share stories and inside jokes, to prepare food together, to clink glasses together, and to spend the day focused on what matters the very most.