Saturday, June 18, 2011

The top things I can't stand about my husband.

The top things I can't stand about my husband:

He chews his ice when he's done with his drink.
He puts my phone in his pocket so that I can't find it.
He picks his toenails when he sits on the couch.
He reminds me that drinking Coke isn't healthy. Every time I have one. As he drinks a beer. 
He has really bad taste in tv shows. No joke... cat farming documentaries on PBS and such.
He puts his pants in a pile in the closet instead of hanging them up.
He asks where everyday items in the house are located. Like yesterday getting ready for the pool he said, "Where are the towels?"
He half listens to my stories which are obviously hilarious!

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I'm complaining about my husband. Here's the deal though, friends. These are absolutely necessary to mention so that he doesn't get a big head. Because, after all, I have the perfect husband and father for my babies. He lives for us, he works hard for us, he comes home from a long day ready to play with two babies and doesn't skip a beat. He protects us, he does what he says he will do, he teaches us, and he is the kind of man I want my daughter to marry, and the kind of man I want my son to be for his wife.  He is honest, and genuine, and loyal. He is extremely hard to make laugh, so if you can, way to go! I'm happy to get a chuckle here and there. We always joke that he has "dad strength."

Happy Father's Day, Mike! If your babies could tell you that you are their hero, they would. If they could say thank you for living every minute for them, they would. The way they look at you tells me that you will forever be their very best friend. You are the best daddy in the whole wide world. Even if you do chomp your ice, pick your toenails, and forget to hang up your pants. May you feel loved and celebrated every single day! Have fun fishing and canoeing with Papa, who is our other idol and hero. We'll see you for lunch.

 Preschool graduation. She always looks at him like this.
 Daddy teaching our guy how to do big projects!
 Daddy-Daughter Doughnut Day!
 Daddy was Regan's soccer coach this year. He was so great with the girls!
 Tyler loves the swing Daddy built him!
Told you all he was hard to make laugh! :) I love you babe! Father's Day was made for fathers like you!

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