Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Life is hard sometimes.Some days are mind numbing, thankless, and leave a lot to be desired. However, these are the moments that you gotta remember to turn those lemons into lemonade, baby. And you know what? Those days are rare. Because being a human, being alive, is fun. It's also funny. I've been learning a lot about focusing on the funny. Focusing on the fun. Remembering to celebrate. Even if it's little moment, to make it feel big. After all, when a moment feels big, it's easy to find the beauty in it, the fun, the funny.

Last night a few of my gal pals and I hit up our hip hop Zumba class with about a hundred other white chicks who think they can dance too. So, we're getting down to Britney and my toenails are even sweating, and I start craving a margarita. While working out. I'm gross. I can't stop thinking about it. The last song hits it's final beat, we walk out of the school, and I carefully mention, so not to scare anyone, my idea. SCORE! Everyone is down to clown, yo. Broad Ripple it is. We sit outside, laugh so hard our heads are tilted back in the summer night, and enjoy the drinks we order rounds of together. Because we can. Things really got great when my friend's gay BFF joined us. Oh dear Ben. Beautiful Ben. He's coming to Zumba tomorrow with us because "Oh my God I love Zumba!" and "They play Lady Gaga? I love that shit!" He's stoked, but not as much as me. So anyways, we shared a night on a whim. Aren't those just always the best? Plus, we were ballin' in Broad Ripple covered in sweat, wearing Nike shorts, with mascara down to our chins. At least Benny had it going on.

You know what else is funny?

Regan and I were working on her consonant blends today in a workbook, and she looks up after getting a few in a row correct. She says to me, serious as could be, "It's too bad I'm not a little taller because I'm totally smart enough for high school." For real kid. You're gonna kill me with these one liners.

When something a wee bit disappointing happens to Tyler he now responds, "Aaah-meh." (As in "Oh, man!")

Regan thinks she has learned to dive. Really, she just does a belly buster with her palms together above her head. Precious peach.

My son tans really, really well. My daughter is chronically butt white. She's gonna be so pissed at him when they're older.

Chipmunks ate all my flowers on my walkway. I explained this to the kids. Now they both are obsessed with finding the "chick skunks" so we can "kill them" and grow our flowers back. The kids are just little angels from above.

A lady at CVS asked me if my Toms shoes made my feet "all sweaty and gross." Well, no ma'am, they do not. But, I certainly do appreciate that appropriate and not disgusting question. Have a nice day.

I told you guys a while back that I asked the produce guy at Target where the basil was and he responded, "I like your spandex." We have a very funny bond, he and I. Well, last week, I stopped at Target JUST for diapers. NO PRODUCE! Lo and behold, Mr. Veggie was waving from behind the bananas ACROSS the store. Ummm, hi?

Today at the library Regan asked me if I farted. In front of the librarian. No sweetie, that was Tyler. But now the librarian thinks it was me and that I'm a bad mom for blaming my baby for farting. It really was him though. Remember my library post? I swear I hate that place.

We've been having fun. We've been laughing at the funny. We've been summering, sunning, and sharing little moments that feel big because they're ours. 


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