Sunday, June 19, 2011


A couple weeks ago, I packed up the babes, and we headed out to Spencer's Farm for a bit of strawberry picking. It was a beautiful and HOT day!

Here we are for a group shot with our friends Jenn and her girls Sofia and little Lillie. (Please don't ask me what exactly my pose is all about. Hey look, I'm a flamingo!)
Jenn and a few of the kids.
Tyler telling me all about a strawberry.
He was hunting.
Precious Lillie.
The big girls.
Tyler taking time to eat more than he actually put in the basket. I actually felt like I should have given the guy in the shop double the money because I just know Tyler ate his weight in those berries. They were honestly the best we've EVER had!
Showing me her loot!
Regan kept repeating her motto, "The redder the better, right Mama?"
I realized about 15 minutes into the picking that Tyler wasn't removing the green leaves/stems off of the tops of the strawberries. He was eating the entire things! Blech!

A wind storm blew through just as we got our little picture of three taken. Cue my 80's bangs.
So, we tried again. Even more bang wind! And Tyler, Dwight from The Office called. He wants his hair do back.

Sweet Cailey.
His basket was full at one point. Oops.

More friends. Hi Cinda!
Working hard.

My little babies enjoyed picking their berries, and I am so lucky to spend my days with them. After our pickin', a fun group lunch, and a playground romp, we went home and made strawberry smoothies to celebrate the day!

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