Sunday, June 12, 2011

48 hours.

A few weeks back I mysteriously slipped away for 48 hours all alone. I kissed my babies goodbye for the first time ever, wished Mike good luck, and was off with a small bag and a camera. 

 I waited.
 And waited.
 And flew.
 And drove.
 And crawled up big, dirt hills to get good shots.
 And remembered we are part of something bigger.
 And realized it's good to remember that.
 And breathed it all in.
 And smiled.
 And marveled.
 And explored.
 And roamed around alone.
 To find new things.
 And see new paths.
 To get closer.
 And closer.
 And even closer.
To him. My eighteen year old baby brother. I made it. We celebrated his high school graduation. I was proud. I hope he was too. I love him more than he realizes today. He's the most adorable, wonderful little brother I could ever ask for.
 I got to him.
 And my dad!
 And we were together for a wonderful weekend full of food, naps, a sunburn, and a baby brother who is ready to take on the world. It's your turn Jake. Get 'em. Tell 'em your big sister sent you.
 And then it was time. To do it all over again, only in reverse.

 To get back.
Where I belong. 


  1. He has an adorable.. awesome.. beautiful and wonderful sister too ;)