Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen and Woody.

So, I painted my kitchen with black chalk board paint. As you can see, the kids think it's super cool. They've never really been "in" to paint color and home decor until now. Interesting. Regan has asked about 467,432 times if she can write on the wall. I have said yes every single time, but I still think the concept is so "out there" she's still getting used to it! She loves for me to write what we are having for dinner over the stove. The beauty of this fun wall is that when we want it to look a bit more put together, we can simply wipe it down for a clean, flat, black paint. We are on the hunt for a stainless stove. It's the only appliance in our kitchen that isn't stainless, so now it's driving me berserk because the rest of the room is just the way I want it. (I love the word berserk.)

I'm off to go lasso Woody to put him down for his nap! Yee haw! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday friends! Carry on...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My guy is almost two.

 Where did this little 6 month old go?!?! I miss him!!

My baby will be two in about two weeks. I have no idea how this happened really, considering he was just born. :) It's amazing to me how two years can go so quickly yet so incredibly slowly. It's like running a full sprint each day, but then as you replay it back in your mind the images are in slow motion. Each moment either seems like it lasted forever, like the nights of fever, and tears, and sickness and rocking him to sleep and praying for sleep. Or, the moments seems like they lasted only a split second. They were quick. Those "baby days" sure were fleeting. What I wouldn't give to have my newborn back for just an hour to remember him. To breath him in again. To feel him small and helpless. To swaddle him, nurse him, play peek-a-boo with him, to see those first smiles and steps again. But, now he is almost two, and he is perfect. He is a mix of baby and big boy. I get "baby" when he is sick, or hurt, or tired, or feeling extra lovey. I get "big boy" during the day when he plays and runs and pretends he is Batman. He can do so many things now. He pretends he is sad and buries his face, and then pops up hysterically laughing. It's his first real joke that he made up, and we think it's hilarious. He loves all things Toy Story and super hero. He just learned to kick and wants to try it out on all of US!

Tyler, I am so proud to be your mama. You (and your sister) have taught me more about love and pride and joy and beauty than you will ever know. When we are at the library for story time, and you are rolling around on the floor while all of the other kids are listening to the book, I watch you and laugh. I always imagined what it would be like during our days together while Regan was at preschool. When Daddy and I first learned we were having a boy (A BOY!!!), I imagined what beautiful things we'd do together. And now, as it's here, it's as beautiful as I could have ever imagined. We just can't get enough of you, sweet boy. We are so proud of you and love you more than we could ever describe with words. And, while I will always miss the beginning days with you, I also look so forward to see what you will become. God has huge plans for you my boy. You are destined to do grand things. And we will be here every step of the way, cheering you on from the front row. (Probably a little too loudly as to embarrass you just a bit.)

I love you, baby boy. You will be my baby boy every single day of your life.

Some of the great things you are up to, just for the record: eating fruit, looking at books, Batman, Toy Story, loving school buses, trucks and airplanes and finding them as we are out and about, kicking, running and falling down on purpose (so funny), animals, starting to learn to count, aren't showing much interest in learning your colors, speaking a lot more, really great at brushing teeth, helps clean up, takes great naps from about 2pm to 5pm, goes to bed well around 8:45pm and sleeps until 8am, loves being outside, likes open gyms and trampolines, wears a 5 diaper, 8 shoe, and 2 or 3T shirt/pant, loves the iPad and iPhone, is VERY rough in play! That's my boy!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Our day.

This morning, we went to open gym. The kids had a blast swinging and running, and climbing and loosing socks, and being chased by crocodile (me). We are really lucky to have great friends who schlep across town to meet us there to play. This afternoon, a friend who will eventually help stage, style, and sell our house came over for some preliminary advice. She said some great things about how our house didn't suck as bad as I thought it might. So, that was good. Tonight we grilled out, and then headed over to the mall to torture Mike to get some things done. Regan has only had one ear pierced for about two months. So tonight, she climbed up in the piercing chair, got an earring shoved through her ear, and hopped down like nothing ever happened. I kept saying, "Baby, you can cry for a minute if you need to."  Finally, she stated, "Mom, I'm over it. You're embarrassing me." Allllrighty then. So, we picked out a new pair of "diamond earrings" and were on our way. Like nothing happened. Check. Then, she and her brother did some general destruction/dancing at the local Forever 21. I also bought a 30 day supply of Proactive on a whim. We'll see if this stuff is all it's cut out to be. Can we say pepperoni face? Thanks kids! I'll let you know what happens. Finally, we hit up Target because we live there because we have a couple's bridal shower to attend tomorrow. Regan is excited because she thinks we are going to a wedding. I'll just tell her the groom didn't show up. It'll be fine.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We remember.

This morning we woke up, and everything changed. The ice began to melt to reveal the Earth below. It's been hiding, for a long time this go 'round. You know the energy that spreads, that can't be ignored on the day when winter breaks? Everyone gets all giddy. I start planning the spring cleaning projects. Old guys in convertibles with the top down show off. Well, today we did our own kind of showing off. We showed that we remember. 
 We remember how to draw happy little girls on the warm(er) pavement.
 We remember how to drive our toys around the driveway.
 We remember how to steer our scooter.
 We remember what if feels like when just a sweater or light jacket will do.
 We remember how to play.
 We remember how to explore.
 We remember to share our joys.
 We remember to share our toys.
We remember what a cool breeze coming through an open window feels like. Today was the day that gave hope. It promised us warmth. It promised  lazy summer days were coming. It whispered, "It's coming. Be patient." As the ice turned to water, we celebrated. We played, we ate tacos, we took a "night walk," we watched the Purdue game, we ate grapes. All the while, we celebrated. Warmer days are so close.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend recap.

Weekend recap. (I'm sorry.)

Friday night:
Mike went to the Pacers game, out to dinner, and out on town with clients. A friend and I took the kids to Panda Express. That sounds fair, right? To ease my bitter heart, I will admit that we went to the mall as well. I got a smoothie. It was amazeballs. Tyler asked for a sip. I told him there was beer in it, and that we could not share my drink. (Reading about that night makes it sound even more lame than it was.)

Wasted the day by feeling like total poop. Dinner at the in laws. Regan was overtired and acted like a lunatic.

Lunch at  Steak and Shake. The kids wore the paper hats, made the old fashioned cars, and ate mini corn dogs. We sat and enjoyed each other and milkshakes for over two hours. Then, we took a trip to Toys R Us for the kids' Valentine's Day presents. We got them each little art trays, new markers, cards, candy, and books. Regan also got some Baby Alive diapers. And, as always, Daddy will bring her a rose tomorrow.

 Thank you for reading this. I know it wasn't that enjoyable.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A snippet that sums up why I can never get anything done.

Me:       Regan, I'll be right back. I'm going to the car wash.
Regan:   The one next door?
Me:       We don't have a car wash next door.
Regan:   Oh, yeah. That's CVS.
Me:       Yeah, that's what you are probably thinking of. But, anyway, I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?
Regan:   What are you getting at CVS?
Me:        I'm not going to CVS, babe. I'm going to go get the car washed.
Regan:   Next door?
Me:       No, at the car wash down the road.
Regan:   Why aren't you going to CVS?
Me:        Because I don't need anything from CVS. I need to go get the car washed.
Regan:    Oh, okay. Can you bring me a treat?
Me:        From the car wash?
Regan:    No, silly. From CVS.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips on how not to suck.

A few tips on how not to suck:

Do not call a shirt a blouse. Even if it's a fancy shirt, or a button up, or a tucked in shirt, or an expensive shirt. It's still not allowed to be called a blouse.

Do not wear snow boots unless it is currently snowing. It doesn't count if it snowed a week ago. Wear your Uggs. Or tennis shoes. Snow boots are nerdy. Yeah, I said it. Please do not dress like Napoleon Dynamite.

Do not clip your fingernails anywhere in public. Unless you want me to come throw up on you. It's freaking disgusting.

Do not play on the equipment at an open gym, bounce place, mall, or any other type of facility that is intended for young people. Yes, you may play WITH your child, but do not embarrass yourself and do flips into the foam pit while at open gym. Especially when kids are waiting for YOU to finish YOUR turn so they can play.

Do not say, "SOMEBODY needs a nap!" when my kid is screaming in the cart at Target. Ever. It's irritating.

Do not get lip fillers.

Do not offer me money for "my rims" at the gas station. Even if you do think they are "tight" and "bad ass." They are connected to the car I am driving, and they are not for sale.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm sorry, I had to.

Regan planted a bean at school this week. As we were buckling in and about to take off, Regan says, "Man, Mama. Planting beans sure is messy. Look how dirty my nail is!" I turned around and saw this. She was as serious and innocent as could be. Then, I peed my pants. Poor little thing.

Peaks and valleys.

You want to know what's super weird to me? Life as I know it, will probably NEVER be better than it is right now. Here's how I have come to this conclusion:

First, everyone is alive. Really. All of our friends, and parents, and children, and the people we care about are all here on Earth, together, and generally just carrying on being happy, buying groceries, watching television, and raising families. Secondly, no one is ill or facing any sort of genuine hardship. Sure, tough times come and go and offer life it's peaks and valleys, but overall, we are surviving and making it work. Third, our babies are still babies. One day, I know, Regan and Tyler are going to wake up and decide they can't stand us. They are going to get their hearts broken, they are going to come home with red, puffy eyes and tell us they didn't get the part or make the team. They are going to choose someone else over us. At this point in their lives, they have never experienced regret, or loneliness, or any true, deep sadness. Sure, they get upset here and there, but it's fleeting and easily distracted. They are protected, safe, and sound at all times. It's our job for now to make sure they stay innocent and protected. One day though, this is going to change. This safe little bubble is going to pop. Someone will die. A heart will be crushed. A divorce will be announced. A home will be lost. And, while this is part of it, I hate to think of it. So, for now, I must remember to relish in the happiness we know. I must dance, and sing, and be silly with our kids, and make time for our friends, and call just to say hi, and embrace our differences, and love with a kind of love that will be remembered when things aren't so beautiful. Because, I know, one day it will be hard. Just like it is for many families today.The whole idea of  "life is what you make it" kinda works well when you're feeling all cozy. Then,  there are lots of things in life we go through that aren't perfect, or even close to perfect. But, to remember it could be so much worse is something of value.  An easy life of comfort does nothing to change us.(Geez, maybe I should push myself out of the comforts now and again, it seems?) My babies wouldn't know all of the joys this big world had to offer if they also did not know the pain. So, yeah, my kid won't make the team one day. And a whole lot of other crappy things are going to happen, but until they do, let's all love big and be blessed. And when they do, let's all remember that without pain, we don't know joy.

Here's to the "peaks" and the "valleys." No matter where you are, whether this is a time of high or low, cling to ones close that make it worth it. And, live it big. So that it's worth remembering.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a Wednesday.

In the past two days I have taken Tyler to My Gym, had a lunch play date, purchased Regan her new shin guards she'll need soon for soccer, read countless Tag reader books, colored, given Regan a manicure and pedicure, watered her plant, attended her gymnastics class, worked on sight words and counting, attended Tyler's last speech lesson, and just spent some really special, wonderful time with my kids. Here's the thing. I'm not bragging. Cause, you know. When you're doing really great things in one area, you totally suck in another. So, while the kids and I have been lovin' and bondin' and being all close, my house is trashed, my car explodes when a door is opened, and so on and so forth. Let's be honest. This is how it always seems to be. House is clean? Cool, but I have been ignoring the kids all day, and they probably ate potato chips for lunch. Exercising? Cool, but my to-do list is longer than long. It just proves, once again, that no one can do it all or be it all. Cooking dinners each night? Cool, but don't mind that all of your underwear is in the hamper. Commando!
The difference between me today and the "me" I was a few months ago, is that I realize now no one expects you to be awesome at everything. So, I now understand that when one area is great, the others are going to have to sacrifice a bit. AND THAT"S OKAY. Here's a big thumb's up all of you who are doing your best and forgetting the rest! Oh wow! I think I just made up my new motto.

Want to hear something funny? (Sorry if you said no.) We were on our way to gymnastics last evening, and Regan spotted some footprints in the snow as we sat at a stop light. She exclaimed, "Mama! We have a mystery! Those footprints could be a man's, a woman's, or a mid-sized animal's!"

Okay, to be fair, I should probably share a cute little thing about Tyler too. He now says, "I fawt in my butt." We are working on his manners.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming bloggerversary.

Friday marks my "one month bloggerversary". (I know that's not really such a thing, but still.) I have loved every minute of sharing it has allowed me to do. I have loved, even more, the amazing feedback I've received from you, my lovely readers. You guys rock! If you have a friend (or a blog and some followers) that may enjoy reading, tell them to come on over, follow my blog, and let me know that YOU sent them! Whoever sends three or more followers my way is up for something fun!  Are you excited? You should be. Come on friends, you all know three people who are crazy enough to laugh along with me living and loving life! Also, if you've been reading and enjoy the blog, follow along! Followers will soon be up for some good things. So, here's to you. We are connecting. We are supporting. We are realizing how much fun the trivial can be. We are learning more about one another.

It's such an awesome experience to see women building one another up. Laughing along with one another. Offering advice. Showing friendship without even meeting face to face. Why haven't I been blogging for longer than a month? This is so, so good.

Referral-palooza ends Friday! 

What are you still doing here? Go get me some followers, fools!

Sight words, flying kids.

Something I just don't understand is how kindergarten teachers don't come home every single night and drink three bottles of wine. Regan and I worked on sight words today, and it was not NOT pretty. Whoever told a kid to just "sound a word out" must not have tried this method with the word "the." Seriously, try to sound the word "the" out and see what happens. So basically, I said, "Wanna stop learning and go eat chips and salsa?" Sorry, kid. Mama tried. HARD. Maybe your kindergarten teacher will have better luck.

Also, I was going through Mike's birthday pictures and came across these bad boys. I swear, these kids love this. Please don't call the cops. :)

Hope you friends are having a Bachelor-tastic evening!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our night in black and white.

You know the kind of night that makes you feel all giddy, and glittery, and in love, and is perfect in a way that's so easy? We had one of those tonight. It was supposed to belong to Mike. It was going to be his night. But, instead, it belonged to us all. Babies were passed, kids chased and threw their heads back with laughter, friends were family, and family, once again, was everything they've always been. We yelled surprise, packed in, tucked away in a dim room, and made that room shine. Stories were told, smiles were memorized, and a big kind of love was present. It was thick in the air. Mike was happy. We celebrated him, his birthday, and one another. Here is our night in black and white.
A few family pics before we headed out!

Mike's blindfold. Regan's sleep mask. Whatever.
My sis in law (who doubles as one of my best friends, lucky me!), bro in law, and sweet Parker girl.
My soul sister. And Josher. LOVE THEM!
Our Papa and GG. They pretty much rock. Papa is Tyler's hero. GG is mine.

My other sis and bro in law. And baby Ryan is in there too!

Our Mimi and my handsome nephew.

Mike jumping to the ceiling to save my baby's balloons.Told you he was Superman. He can fly!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A letter to my kids about their Dad.

Dear Regan and Tyler,

Today is your Daddy's birthday. He is 29 years old today, and man does he love you guys. I think he loved you before you were ever even a possibility. I will never, ever forget his face when he saw each of you for the first time. It was a love that could never be matched. From the minute each of you were born, he stepped up to the role of Dada. He sings, changes diapers, rocks, stumbles up the stairs at 2am, feeds, plays princess with the best of them, wrestles, throws you up in the air "just one more time", bathes, dresses, and loves you with such care it blows me away. So, on his birthday, let us celebrate him. I know, if you were old enough, you'd tell him all the things you love about him with such wide eyes he'd probably explode. But, because you are 1 and 4, you won't know to treat today like the holiday it should be. You will go about your day with your Daddy like all of your days. You will play, and cuddle, and roll around on the floor like always. But, kids, today is a great day. Your Daddy was born on this day which means you are now here to enjoy all of the promises he has made to us. He has promised us a life of love, protection, security, and a comfortable sense of never needing anything more than what he can give us. You guys are the luckiest kids I've ever known.
Regan, your Daddy will show you what kind of man you deserve. He will show you that a man respects and loves a lady. He will give you the confidence to never expect anything but the best.
Tyler, your Daddy will show you how to love a lady. He will teach you about gentle, kind, and patient love. He will show you how to work hard and never let your family worry. Daddy will also show you both how to be silly, how to remain constant and true, and how to fish.
As you kids get older, your Daddy will too.  I hope you will remember how much he cherished you two as you grew up. He is your hero today. I hope he will be in twenty years. He's going to be in the front row, he's going to be on the sideines, he's going to sit at the table and teach you, and he's going to walk his baby girl down the aisle. He's going to watch his baby boy become a husband. He's going to do all of these things with tears in his eyes, remembering the days when you were tiny. He is your supporter, your biggest fan. The way he loves you both is hard to find. Please remember to cherish your Daddy the way I do. Remember the days of Good Night Moon. Remember the fishing trips. Remember the dancing and singing.

One of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive is your Dad. I know, as we celebrate him today, you two are his greatest gifts as well.

Happy Birthday to my love. You are the best husband and Daddy we could ever wish for!


Checking in real quick before a BIG weekend! It's husbo's birthday tomorrow, and we have a few things up our sleeves. I wanted to have the house all clean for him when he got home today, but instead Regan wanted to make a birthday banner. Yeah, that trumped the whole cleaning idea. So, Happy Birthday Eve, babe! The house is a disgusting pit, but you've got a big sheet of paper with princess stickers all over hanging on the wall with painter's tape! Lucky man, I tell ya. Also, it's Superbowl weekend! However, I wanted to say hi and give you a quick read. Here goes:

You know the show Strange Addiction where chicks are addicted to things like sucking their thumb, rocks, and eating laundry soap? I am TOTALLY sure Regan will be on there admitting she's addicted to Band-Aids in the near future. Girl's got major issues with the Band-Aids. Foot fetish...nah. Band-Aids are her weakness.

We went to open gym this morning and the kids had a blast. Regan kept pulling her pants up really high which was a little embarrassing, but I chose to pick my battles and go with it.  They LOVE running around with their friends at this gym so much! Also, Regan's cartwheels are getting really good. Girl's got mad cartwheel skills.

Regan just told me I was her favorite toy.

Lame post? Yes. Do I have anything more interesting? No.

Keep calm and happy weekending!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A concert and some Valentine's Day prep.

I just attended the best concert ever. I've been to a few concerts in my day that were amazing. NKOTB was my very first. Then, I had my days of Poison, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews, Kid Rock, John Mayer, Janet Jackson, Phish, Ben Folds, and the likes. But, I swear to you, what just took place was the best. Ever. Tyler and I were sitting and reading his night-night books, and he looked me straight in the eye and started singing Twinkle, Twinkle complete with hand motions. He's not yet two, so his words were a little off. Okay, a lot off. But, it was the most beautiful singing I have ever heard. His sweet little high pitched "teenels" were like honey. That boy has got his mama wrapped TIGHT around those sweet little fingers that opened and closed like stars. I sat and watched and adored. Then, he let me join in. I told him what a good job he did when he was done. So, he clapped for himself and beamed. Then, I clapped for him and beamed. Love.

Speaking of love, Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Regan and I began her Valentine's Day creations today as our Buddy napped. We made about eight, and she was dunzo. So, what happened next? You guessed it. I sat by myself and cut out card stock flower petals. Since, you know, nothing else needed to be done. Why can't I let my kid just buy a dang box of $3.00 Hannah Montana cards and slap her name on them in 5 minutes?

 Not too sure why my kid is wearing a wife beater.

The eight pictures above are all of the same thing. Sorry. I thought they were all so cute. Except for the one where Regan says, "Mama, let me take a picture of you!" So, I got all nervous and posed with a marker and some paper. We made sweet little Valentine flowers together.
You know what else was sweet today? We were at the store looking for pinatas because a certain someone turns two in a month. (Mama is NOT happy about this.) So anyways, Regan finds a robot pinata and exclaims, "Look mama, I found the pinatas." She then takes it from the shelf and slams it across her baby brother's head. Yep, we found 'em honey. We also inhaled a beautiful lunch at our favorite place. Qdoba makes the world go round. That was our day. My wine is whining, and Jersey Shore starts NOW. Gotta run, friends. Keep calm.


Being a mama is a job. Most times it's a super fun, "how did I get so lucky?", wonderful job. Other times, well, it sucks. But, we'll start with the happy parts. Then, end with the sucky. Let us begin.

Awesome: The beautiful anticipation of seeing your baby for the first time.
Sucky: Labor. And delivery. Holy smokes, kids. THAT was not what I thought it would be.

Awesome: Holding your newborn for the first time, looking down at him/her and experiencing that bond that feels like your heart might shoot out of your body and explode because you've never seen anything more precious in your entire life and are completely smitten and could never, ever ask for a more wonderful, earth-shattering love. (I know, that's a run-on sentence, but mamas, isn't it the truth?)
Sucky: Sorry, nothing sucks about that part.

Awesome: Breastfeeding your child and knowing you are the only person in the entire world that can do this beautiful job.
Sucky: Forgetting your breast pads and looking like you just got hit in the chest with two water balloons. In Target.

Awesome: Providing round the clock care for a human that loves you more than anyone on Earth ever will.
Sucky: Being so tired that you pour orange juice in your cereal instead of milk. And just eat it anyway.

Awesome: Buying sweet little outfits to dress your baby in.
Sucky: Buying diapers.

Awesome: Having your baby smile at you for the first time.
Sucky: Having your baby throw up in your mouth for the first time.

Awesome: Listening to your baby's first words.
Sucky: Listening to your baby say "I do it" 5000 times a day and scream "NO!!!" at you. Sigh.

Awesome: Listening to your first born tell strangers that he/she is "gonna have a baby" while patting mama's tummy with pride.
Sucky: Listening to your first born tell strangers that he/she is going to have a baby soon, and that it's "gonna eat my mama's boobs."

Awesome: Watching as your older child cuddles and loves on his/her baby sibling.
Sucky: Watching as your older child puts his or her sibling in a Full Nelson/headlock combo move over a FREAKING BALLOON.

Awesome: Taking your kids to exciting new places to learn and grow such as the Children's Museum, the zoo, playdates, vacations, Conner Prairie, and Monkey Joe's.
Sucky: Taking 2 hours just to get both kids in the car and sweating/cussing before you even leave because you have to pack 10 times more crap than a 15 member family.

Awesome: Getting kissed for the first time by little baby lips.
Sucky: Getting bitten for the first time by little baby teeth so hard and with such force you start to cry. In public.

Awesome: Having your child learn about his/her world by asking sweet little curious questions about to day to day life such as, "Why are clouds white?"
Sucky: Having your child learn about his/her world by asking questions like, "Mama, why is that man so tall? It's like he's a giant!" Right in front of him. At the top of his/her lungs. Cue nervous laughter.

Awesome: Loving your babies, day after day more than anything in this whole wide world and thanking God  for all of the awesome parts. Oh yeah, and the sucky ones too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cute baby alert.

Do not recreate this image.
So, I really, really like to take pictures. Here is a sneak peek of baby C. Uhhh, hello sweetness. We shot at a candy boutique, threw Cheerios at her as she ate them off the ground and surely boosted her immune system, and generally made a scene as innocent bystanders stopped to watch. This baby is cute. Really cute. I love her so.