Thursday, February 3, 2011


Being a mama is a job. Most times it's a super fun, "how did I get so lucky?", wonderful job. Other times, well, it sucks. But, we'll start with the happy parts. Then, end with the sucky. Let us begin.

Awesome: The beautiful anticipation of seeing your baby for the first time.
Sucky: Labor. And delivery. Holy smokes, kids. THAT was not what I thought it would be.

Awesome: Holding your newborn for the first time, looking down at him/her and experiencing that bond that feels like your heart might shoot out of your body and explode because you've never seen anything more precious in your entire life and are completely smitten and could never, ever ask for a more wonderful, earth-shattering love. (I know, that's a run-on sentence, but mamas, isn't it the truth?)
Sucky: Sorry, nothing sucks about that part.

Awesome: Breastfeeding your child and knowing you are the only person in the entire world that can do this beautiful job.
Sucky: Forgetting your breast pads and looking like you just got hit in the chest with two water balloons. In Target.

Awesome: Providing round the clock care for a human that loves you more than anyone on Earth ever will.
Sucky: Being so tired that you pour orange juice in your cereal instead of milk. And just eat it anyway.

Awesome: Buying sweet little outfits to dress your baby in.
Sucky: Buying diapers.

Awesome: Having your baby smile at you for the first time.
Sucky: Having your baby throw up in your mouth for the first time.

Awesome: Listening to your baby's first words.
Sucky: Listening to your baby say "I do it" 5000 times a day and scream "NO!!!" at you. Sigh.

Awesome: Listening to your first born tell strangers that he/she is "gonna have a baby" while patting mama's tummy with pride.
Sucky: Listening to your first born tell strangers that he/she is going to have a baby soon, and that it's "gonna eat my mama's boobs."

Awesome: Watching as your older child cuddles and loves on his/her baby sibling.
Sucky: Watching as your older child puts his or her sibling in a Full Nelson/headlock combo move over a FREAKING BALLOON.

Awesome: Taking your kids to exciting new places to learn and grow such as the Children's Museum, the zoo, playdates, vacations, Conner Prairie, and Monkey Joe's.
Sucky: Taking 2 hours just to get both kids in the car and sweating/cussing before you even leave because you have to pack 10 times more crap than a 15 member family.

Awesome: Getting kissed for the first time by little baby lips.
Sucky: Getting bitten for the first time by little baby teeth so hard and with such force you start to cry. In public.

Awesome: Having your child learn about his/her world by asking sweet little curious questions about to day to day life such as, "Why are clouds white?"
Sucky: Having your child learn about his/her world by asking questions like, "Mama, why is that man so tall? It's like he's a giant!" Right in front of him. At the top of his/her lungs. Cue nervous laughter.

Awesome: Loving your babies, day after day more than anything in this whole wide world and thanking God  for all of the awesome parts. Oh yeah, and the sucky ones too.


  1. Haha, so true! Love the comment about the "giant" man. Whenever Ava sees an old man, she points and says, "Papaw!" Thankfully, none of these old men have heard her...yet.

  2. Great post Rachel! All SOOOO very true and timely just while we're all caged animals with this snow!!

  3. I LOL'd for real at the water balloons to the chest bit. It's funny because it's true. And it happened to me today.

  4. OMG! So funny! Love the water balloons. I can relate...