Thursday, February 10, 2011

Peaks and valleys.

You want to know what's super weird to me? Life as I know it, will probably NEVER be better than it is right now. Here's how I have come to this conclusion:

First, everyone is alive. Really. All of our friends, and parents, and children, and the people we care about are all here on Earth, together, and generally just carrying on being happy, buying groceries, watching television, and raising families. Secondly, no one is ill or facing any sort of genuine hardship. Sure, tough times come and go and offer life it's peaks and valleys, but overall, we are surviving and making it work. Third, our babies are still babies. One day, I know, Regan and Tyler are going to wake up and decide they can't stand us. They are going to get their hearts broken, they are going to come home with red, puffy eyes and tell us they didn't get the part or make the team. They are going to choose someone else over us. At this point in their lives, they have never experienced regret, or loneliness, or any true, deep sadness. Sure, they get upset here and there, but it's fleeting and easily distracted. They are protected, safe, and sound at all times. It's our job for now to make sure they stay innocent and protected. One day though, this is going to change. This safe little bubble is going to pop. Someone will die. A heart will be crushed. A divorce will be announced. A home will be lost. And, while this is part of it, I hate to think of it. So, for now, I must remember to relish in the happiness we know. I must dance, and sing, and be silly with our kids, and make time for our friends, and call just to say hi, and embrace our differences, and love with a kind of love that will be remembered when things aren't so beautiful. Because, I know, one day it will be hard. Just like it is for many families today.The whole idea of  "life is what you make it" kinda works well when you're feeling all cozy. Then,  there are lots of things in life we go through that aren't perfect, or even close to perfect. But, to remember it could be so much worse is something of value.  An easy life of comfort does nothing to change us.(Geez, maybe I should push myself out of the comforts now and again, it seems?) My babies wouldn't know all of the joys this big world had to offer if they also did not know the pain. So, yeah, my kid won't make the team one day. And a whole lot of other crappy things are going to happen, but until they do, let's all love big and be blessed. And when they do, let's all remember that without pain, we don't know joy.

Here's to the "peaks" and the "valleys." No matter where you are, whether this is a time of high or low, cling to ones close that make it worth it. And, live it big. So that it's worth remembering.


  1. I was seriously thinking about this same thing the other day... I couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. I think about this. A lot, actually. LOVE this post! What a great reminder!

  3. I was thinking about this too! There was also some stuff on 95.5 today about Riley Children's hospital and how so many kids are sick and it made me think about how blessed we are to have healthy children. Life is short, so we should just love and be blessed, just like you said. :) Great post!