Friday, February 4, 2011

A letter to my kids about their Dad.

Dear Regan and Tyler,

Today is your Daddy's birthday. He is 29 years old today, and man does he love you guys. I think he loved you before you were ever even a possibility. I will never, ever forget his face when he saw each of you for the first time. It was a love that could never be matched. From the minute each of you were born, he stepped up to the role of Dada. He sings, changes diapers, rocks, stumbles up the stairs at 2am, feeds, plays princess with the best of them, wrestles, throws you up in the air "just one more time", bathes, dresses, and loves you with such care it blows me away. So, on his birthday, let us celebrate him. I know, if you were old enough, you'd tell him all the things you love about him with such wide eyes he'd probably explode. But, because you are 1 and 4, you won't know to treat today like the holiday it should be. You will go about your day with your Daddy like all of your days. You will play, and cuddle, and roll around on the floor like always. But, kids, today is a great day. Your Daddy was born on this day which means you are now here to enjoy all of the promises he has made to us. He has promised us a life of love, protection, security, and a comfortable sense of never needing anything more than what he can give us. You guys are the luckiest kids I've ever known.
Regan, your Daddy will show you what kind of man you deserve. He will show you that a man respects and loves a lady. He will give you the confidence to never expect anything but the best.
Tyler, your Daddy will show you how to love a lady. He will teach you about gentle, kind, and patient love. He will show you how to work hard and never let your family worry. Daddy will also show you both how to be silly, how to remain constant and true, and how to fish.
As you kids get older, your Daddy will too.  I hope you will remember how much he cherished you two as you grew up. He is your hero today. I hope he will be in twenty years. He's going to be in the front row, he's going to be on the sideines, he's going to sit at the table and teach you, and he's going to walk his baby girl down the aisle. He's going to watch his baby boy become a husband. He's going to do all of these things with tears in his eyes, remembering the days when you were tiny. He is your supporter, your biggest fan. The way he loves you both is hard to find. Please remember to cherish your Daddy the way I do. Remember the days of Good Night Moon. Remember the fishing trips. Remember the dancing and singing.

One of the greatest gifts you'll ever receive is your Dad. I know, as we celebrate him today, you two are his greatest gifts as well.

Happy Birthday to my love. You are the best husband and Daddy we could ever wish for!


  1. Read this with a huge knot in my throat! He truly is such a great dad! Happy birthday Mike! Enjoy your day. :)

  2. What the what!?? I am not a "cryer". BUT I did have tiny little tears trying to come out of that very center part of my eyeball.

    Happy Bday Mike! I have known Rachel since elementary school and she dated a lot of scuzbags....The way she talks about you it's probably best we don't meet because I am pretty sure you have a giant "S" on blue tights under your button-up.

  3. Okay, Suni. Who doesn't have a list of "scuzbags" from back in the day!?!? I think we all have a few whoppers we'd rather not remember!! HAHA!!! Yes, he is Superman, you got that right! :) We are lucky. Your comment was hilarious to me, I can totally hear you saying that!! Love ya!