Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We remember.

This morning we woke up, and everything changed. The ice began to melt to reveal the Earth below. It's been hiding, for a long time this go 'round. You know the energy that spreads, that can't be ignored on the day when winter breaks? Everyone gets all giddy. I start planning the spring cleaning projects. Old guys in convertibles with the top down show off. Well, today we did our own kind of showing off. We showed that we remember. 
 We remember how to draw happy little girls on the warm(er) pavement.
 We remember how to drive our toys around the driveway.
 We remember how to steer our scooter.
 We remember what if feels like when just a sweater or light jacket will do.
 We remember how to play.
 We remember how to explore.
 We remember to share our joys.
 We remember to share our toys.
We remember what a cool breeze coming through an open window feels like. Today was the day that gave hope. It promised us warmth. It promised  lazy summer days were coming. It whispered, "It's coming. Be patient." As the ice turned to water, we celebrated. We played, we ate tacos, we took a "night walk," we watched the Purdue game, we ate grapes. All the while, we celebrated. Warmer days are so close.

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  1. As a current student at Purdue, I must commend your son's hat :) Boiler up! You described my perfect night... hope there are many more days like today.