Monday, February 7, 2011

Sight words, flying kids.

Something I just don't understand is how kindergarten teachers don't come home every single night and drink three bottles of wine. Regan and I worked on sight words today, and it was not NOT pretty. Whoever told a kid to just "sound a word out" must not have tried this method with the word "the." Seriously, try to sound the word "the" out and see what happens. So basically, I said, "Wanna stop learning and go eat chips and salsa?" Sorry, kid. Mama tried. HARD. Maybe your kindergarten teacher will have better luck.

Also, I was going through Mike's birthday pictures and came across these bad boys. I swear, these kids love this. Please don't call the cops. :)

Hope you friends are having a Bachelor-tastic evening!


  1. Ha ha! At first I thought Ragan was attached by fabric to the ceiling window!!! But I looked harder and noticed it was her leg flying. No cops needed....they are kids and having fun with their Dada! Great times!!!

  2. OMG! I can't believe how high he gets them! Looks fun :)

  3. Ha these pictures are cracking me up!!!