Friday, February 18, 2011

Our day.

This morning, we went to open gym. The kids had a blast swinging and running, and climbing and loosing socks, and being chased by crocodile (me). We are really lucky to have great friends who schlep across town to meet us there to play. This afternoon, a friend who will eventually help stage, style, and sell our house came over for some preliminary advice. She said some great things about how our house didn't suck as bad as I thought it might. So, that was good. Tonight we grilled out, and then headed over to the mall to torture Mike to get some things done. Regan has only had one ear pierced for about two months. So tonight, she climbed up in the piercing chair, got an earring shoved through her ear, and hopped down like nothing ever happened. I kept saying, "Baby, you can cry for a minute if you need to."  Finally, she stated, "Mom, I'm over it. You're embarrassing me." Allllrighty then. So, we picked out a new pair of "diamond earrings" and were on our way. Like nothing happened. Check. Then, she and her brother did some general destruction/dancing at the local Forever 21. I also bought a 30 day supply of Proactive on a whim. We'll see if this stuff is all it's cut out to be. Can we say pepperoni face? Thanks kids! I'll let you know what happens. Finally, we hit up Target because we live there because we have a couple's bridal shower to attend tomorrow. Regan is excited because she thinks we are going to a wedding. I'll just tell her the groom didn't show up. It'll be fine.

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  1. Hi! im not Sure hoW i found your blog but i Sure do like it:)
    your life SEEMS SO fun!:)

    oh my goodneSS, my little 5 year old haS one earring too! her other ear got infected ,,and We had to take the earring out, SO the earring hole greW SHut..i keep Saying to her , We can get it pierced again, or i can take your other one out..oh no She Wont have it at all:) She Said im cool becauSe i have only one...oh kIDS are Sooo funny:)