Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice, ice baby.

 Thanks, Fishers, for the amazing plow work.
 Ghost town. Really, it was weird! 96th Street is usually PACKED!

Not very pretty. The cabin fever is setting in!

Snowcane. Snowmagedon. Icecapades. There sure were lots of silly names for the storm that hit many, many areas HARD! This was the kind of ice storm we can talk to the kids about when they are older and tell them about the time we had to "hunker down." On Monday night, the forecast called for lots of ice and lots of snow! The excitement was in the air, and everyone seemed to be scurrying about the town in pure panic mode. I swear to you, I saw a woman at Kroger SPRINTING through the store with a bag of bread tucked under each arm. FUNNIEST.THING.EVER. Newscasters were saying power lines and trees would come down, electricity could be out for days, and NOT to leave the house under any circumstances. The craziness allowed for LOTS of time for sweet treats, warm meals, glasses of wine, puzzles, movies, cuddles, shared books and stories, and a bundled up warmth throughout the house only an incoming ice storm could cause. Mike even got to stay home on Tuesday to enjoy an ice day. My hope from this experience is to be  reminded to slow down, huddle together, and "hunker down" even when a storm isn't on it's way. We sure were feeling the love as ice piled up outside. Our family is so inclined to go, go, go, so being forced to slow down and just be still was great for us. Stay warm and safe, friends. Or, if you're reading in Florida, I hate you.

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