Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby #3.

A congratulations is in order folks. I became a mother for the third time tonight. The new baby is just precious. She laughs, coos, giggles, eats, drinks, and craps her pants. Yes, we purchased a freaking Baby Alive tonight. Like I don't have enough to do. Now, I get to spend my time caring for a plastic baby that needs fed, bottled, burped, diapered, and bathed. Good thing I have all sorts of free time to help Regan mother this piece of garbage toy. I know you're asking, "If you hate the thing so much, why did you buy it?"
Here's the deal. For Christmas, Regan got this Walking Go GO Puppy that needed walked and cared for or it flitted about and barked it's head off. Well, turns out, even Regan hated the thing. Score! So, I thought we were returning Go Go Pup for a sweet little doll. Ohhhh no, we got demon baby instead. Basically, we returned annoying toy A only to replace it with annoying toy B. Welcome to the family Baby Alive!You want to know the real kicker of the whole thing? You MUST buy special diapers and baby food for the thing, or it won't work. Demanding, expensive, and yet another responsibility! Yay! But, I must say, Regan loves this doll more than any toy ever. She had me teach her how to swaddle her baby, and it is now sleeping in it's own Pack-N-Play next to her own bed. So, yeah, kinda worth it.
In other news, you want to know what's sad? Mike and I got an unexpected date night tonight and guess what we did? We went to Toys R Us, to the mall to get Regan some new underwear at The Children's Place, and then to Target for plastic wrap and paper plates. Romantic, right? Man, I can't wait to see what Valentine's Day will bring. Maybe a trip to Kroger for milk and orange juice? Super duper sexy.

I totally freaked you guys out with the post title, didn't I? Suckers.


  1. So funny! We have the 4 Real Go Go Pup and the Alive baby...our house is a MAD house when those 2 are barking and crying!!! It is ridiculous that you have to buy special diapers for the baby and if you don't walk the dog is whines!! Geez!! Good Luck!

  2. Try to stay warm.. you guys!!