Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 10 reasons.

Top 10 reasons why today rocked:

10. I made a huge, homemade, delish breakfast for my babies this morning. We sat together with no TV, no phone, and no distractions. It was just us, blueberry pancakes, and lots of bacon.
9. We played, and played, and played this morning. Once again, with no distrations.
8. No one was sick, hurt, or in need of anything more than what we have. God is so good.
7. Hubby comes home early on Fridays.
6. I didn't die at Turbo Kick class.
5. We had Wendy's for lunch. The kids ate their food, and my Coke was extra carbonated and bubbly. Me likey.
4. Tyler got his fro cut off. Thank you Cookie Cutters. Baby boy was looking a little Joe Dirt.
3. Got all caught up on my Jersey Shore. Don't judge.
2. Dinner didn't suck. I made a recipe from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, and it pretty much rocked.
1. There are so many healthy, sweet babies coming into our lives this year! This month has been a month of huge, big, beautiful news! Holla for babies!

How was your day, friends? Good, bad, ugly?


  1. Love this post. Love bacon. Love you.

  2. Oh my, we really might be soulmates. This sounds like the perfect day, right from the start to the PW Cookbook dinner (did you make the chicken with garlic and tomatoes? That's my favorite).

    Thanks so much for finding me so we can be together FOREVA.