Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where my guys at?

I have this cool little feature that lets me see who is reading and following my blog. (Readers from eight different countries so far! Fist pump!) And, so far, it seems I have one male follower. My Dad. Where are the other men? Well, they are as far away from HERE as they could be, surely. It's obvious, for many reasons, that males just don't follow this chick's blog for the most part. But why not? I think it would be absolutely AH-mazing to hear about a male's day to day thoughts. So, I would think, a male would feel the same. Wouldn't they love to know what I feel and think? The answer is NO. Ladies, they don't care. They have no desire to hear more of what I have to say whatsoever.

I assume, most males don't need to read blogs to know what a female thinks or feels. There's some study out there that shows women speak 10 times more words each day than their male counterparts. (Don't quote me on the statistics, folks. Just trying to prove a point here.) So, it seems, they already know that we think the grocery bagger at Kroger is weird, or that green shoes are awesome, or that the girl from cheerleading class has a Dad who has a sister that sells handbags. BLAH BLAH BLAH. They don't need our blogs to know us. We make it very easy for them to know us with all of the constant rambling, I'm sure.

What I'm trying to say, with too many words as usual, it that I really appreciate you reading and listening. My husband thanks you too, I just know it. I swear to you, I can have an entire conversation with him without him saying a word. I'm sure, most days, he just wants to hear quiet.

So, anyways, thanks for listening girls. It's been swell.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOwhrCkMiKA

    My favorite cartoon clip in forever!


  2. I was going to comment on your slightly more recent blog about your adorable daughter kicking your butt at cards, but saw this one. Actually I read about 5, but since this one was addressed to the mythical beast known as the male blog reader, I felt it was the duty of one of my gender to comment. I think, however I have used up my allotment of words for the day, so must draw this comment to a close. Okay, I will mention that the notion that because a women speaks 10 times more than men, at least about certain topics, does not mean men understand you women. What I fear you've not taken into account is the requirement for men to listen to the aforementioned 10 fold words for us to actually learn anything about the fairer sex. After we hear "dinner's on the table" the rest sounds like the adults on "Charlie Brown" cartoons. ;) We're not really that bad, much, but we do communicate differently. You talk until you eventually get to the point. "Indirect" is something we don't tend to get as a gender, and as such we often seem thoughtless. I'm not defending us, as we often are rather thoughtless, but at least some of the time it's not our fault. I'd write more, but think I'll save it for my best selling book. I should never comment before coffee. Later.

    ~Michael (http://adaddyblog.com)