Friday, January 21, 2011

A day in the life of.

When I say that I stay home with my kids, some people respond by asking, "What do you do all day?" I never really know how to answer. I can promise though, that it is indeed very glamorous.

 We begin with a very balanced breakfast of cinnamon strudel coffee cake and orange juice. Tyler refuses to sit when he dines stuffs things whole into his mouth. This is very annoying to me, but he doesn't seem to mind.

We then move to the living room and pretend a bomb of toys exploded. 
 Then, we play with Chixo's. These are so much more work for Mama than they are for kids.
 I started a fire because we were freezing our asses off. I swear, if Tyler could talk, he would have said, "Yo. Mom. I'm freezing my ass off." It really was that cold.
 So cold, in fact, I checked my phone to see exactly how cold it really was today. Yep, shivers.
 Took this shot to show how hot I usually look throughout the day. Vom-it. Plus, I have a paper towel in the front pocket of my sweatshirt. So, no I am not preggo the way it appears.
 Next, we moved to clay. Once again, a huge job for Mama while the kids only sort of enjoy the activity.
 Regan loves crafts. Like, lives for them. I swear, she will be on the knitting team in high school. Poor kid.
 She picked this ultra fancy outfit out for herself today. She must have not gotten the memo that we were all going to stay inside and be disgusting. Oh well.
 She designed a person out of clay.
 She was very proud.
 Then, she was very sad because Tyler came and gruined (ruined) her creation. She yelled at him.
 After he was freaked out on by his sister, he just went and played with his Geo Trax. Regan then cried more and said she should not have yelled at him.
 Her conscious got the best of her. Hugs and sorries for baby.
 More hugs.
 Still hugging. Geez, Regan, it's not like you punched him in the face.
 Still hugging away.
 Yep, still.
 We're back on track.
 More Geo Trax.
 It's about 10am. Coffee time. I'm not one of those "right when I wake up coffee drinkers." I'm more of a get going, and then enjoy my cup of awesomeness.
 She is very stoked to play with her new "Totally Tattoo" Barbie. Basically, nowadays, Barbie has ink.
Totally digging inked up Barbie. And, Tyler's having a snack.
Now, Tyler joins in playing Barbies. 
 I direct him to trains instead.
 He then bores of train time, and basically just chills on the top of the stairs for about 15 minutes.
 I used that time to make my bed. See?
 I also washed out the crock pot. Glamor, I tell ya.
 Lunch time!
We are true health nuts. All organic, home grown, and balanced. Or not. 
While the children enjoyed their gourmet lunch, I ran upstairs of pick up their rooms before rest time.
 Do not be alarmed by the sheer amount of crap in Regan's room. It's cool. I have her signed up for next season's run of Hoarders.
 Hey, at least her room is picked up.

Tyler's room is also clean after a rough morning of not being able to prove there is carpet on the floor. They play HARD in these little rooms. 

 We read a lot.
 We also walk all over, stand on, and abuse Mama's furniture.
I found Regan reading her brother a book before his nap time. I love them.
 Ready for nap.
 Ready for "rest time" aka... read in bed for 20 minutes independently while Mama has two freaking seconds to pee, or blog, or whatever.
 I used my free minutes to clean the kids' bathroom.
 After, my little lady wanted some cuddle time. I'm down with that.
 At 2:30, I decided I should shower. It was beyond time.
 Daddy gets home early on Fridays. Yet another reason for TGIF!
I guess it's better than greasy hair and a brown sweatshirt that makes me look pregnant. 

Speaking of pregnant, my friend Jess isn't anymore because she had little Evan. I got to go visit him this afternoon! Hurrah for little babies!

So, that was our day. I love my babies more than anything in this world. I am so lucky to hang out with them. I never miss a second. And, that my friends, is my biggest blessing.

Tomorrow, Regan and I will go to soccer sign ups and to a friend's birthday party. (Happy birthday Sophia!) Then, it's double date night tomorrow night. Helllllll yeah! Because, after all... as much as I love my days with the babes, I love a night out with their Daddy too!


  1. You, your children, and your home are all totally gorgeous. What a fun and exhausting day. Love it!

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  3. I thoroughly enjoy your blogs Rachel! Thank you for finding time in your busy fun days to write them! This blog made me Really wish I was a stay home mom, not missing a second in their precious lives!! You are an awesome momma!

  4. Love how you changed her bed! So cute. Also, where was the Target clearance trip? Lol

  5. Oh my gosh they are so cute! What a fun blog entry!

  6. Rachel.. that is so funny.. and fun too!


  7. Well I think it all looks like fun! I agree, cute family and adorable house! What a fun post!

  8. this was the idea...i may have to blog a day in our lives too!

  9. I love this blog..."A day in the life of." its the utter essence of a great stay-at-home momma. I love that you take pics of yourself in the mirror too. Hilarious girl!