Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I learned today.

What I learned today...

-Not to force an earring through a four year old's ear right before preschool. Screaming, crying, and general madness will ensue.Then, said four year old will go to preschool 30 minutes late blotchy faced, bug eyed, and with only one earring in causing a crazy pirate vibe.

-Throwing Cheerios on the floor at the local candy shop really helps when a 9 month old baby girl is not in the mood for a photo shoot. It was kinda like feeding the pigeons at Central Park, but it worked like a charm. Poor baby.

-Don't blow out a candle while chewing gum.

-Don't believe by any stretch of the imagination that a strength class is a good idea. At one point, I was rolling around on a mat like a pig in mud. NOT pretty.
-Not to ask the produce man at Target if he has any basil because instead of answering, he will tell you he "likes your spandex."

What did you learn today?

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  1. Oh my goodness Rachel! What a day you've had! I love your blogs! I learned that you can't give my son his Zantac Medicine after feeding him or else he spews it everywhere. I have to give him his med first and then wait 30 min to feed him. Darn Acid Reflux~~~live, learn & love life!