Sunday, January 16, 2011

Better put on my fat pants 'cause I'm full.

If I believed in luck, I would say I was one of the luckiest mama's I know. However, I've never been convinced that the whole luck thing is real, so I suppose instead of feeling lucky, I feel full. Not the full feeling after cheese fries. The full feeling you get when you look around on a Friday night, and there's a fire burning, and your husband is sitting on the couch relaxing, and your Dad is wrestling around with your son, and all the girls are at the table painting with homemade puff paint. Feeling full is when there's nothing else that matters. This weekend was just one of those weekends of feeling full. Not too busy, or hurried, or jam packed. Just full.
We certainly felt full at Monkey Joe's as seven beautiful mama's stood in a circle (with my son rolling around in the middle of it stuffing Skittles down his throat instead of playing) sharing laughs, and stories, and advice. The children (besides my youngest who was being all emotional and eating his troubles away) were running around with rosy cheeks, sweaty hairlines, and true happiness plastered on their faces. As I watched the kids play, I thought to myself how full I felt, and how full my baby girl must have felt too. She was having one of those "my four year old life totally rocks because at this moment, there is nothing I'd rather be doing" moments. And, as we mama's stood in our circle, I was also having on of those "my (not four year old) life totally rocks because at this moment, there is nothing I'd rather be doing" moments. I was full. Regan was full. Tyler was, well, he was on the nasty floor at least full of Skittles. What's cool about this content feeling, is that it's mine. I know many people who would rather have their eye balls burned with hot pokers than spend the afternoon at Monkey Joe's with ten or twelve hundred kids sweating all over the place. But, all was right with the world as I stood with my other mama's making fun of Camille Grammar and taking about double strollers. I was with my friends. Our kids were making the memories they will one day look back on and say, "Yeah, this is my friend I had play dates with when we were three."
The full feeling also came when my two sister in laws, my two brother in laws, my daughter, my son, my niece, my nephew, and myself  all crammed into my guest bathroom as we shushed each other, and stifled our laughter, and yelled "Happy Birthday Mimi!" as my husband open our bathroom door to surprise the best mother in law a girl could ask for. I totally hit the in law lottery. When I married my husband, I got two sisters, two brothers, and a second Mom and Dad. Total score. Not only was my tiny bathroom literally full, but we were full of energy, and love, and laughter. (By the way, we totally surprised our Mimi for her big day.) We shared a meal, open cards, played tag, drank wine, read books, anticipated new babies, and just loved. We were full.
As the weekend comes to an end, my hope is that whatever fills you up, makes you feel full, whether it's cheese fries, Skittles, or playing trains with your son, DO IT. Go on.


  1. LOVE IT! I am so looking forward to making memories with Annabel and I really love your desire to do so with your kids, even if you are secretly breaking a sweat because your once clean living room is now covered EVERYWHERE with toys. Thanks for the reminder to just suck it up and take the time to take the kids to new places and do fun things and really live in the moment rather than worrying about the other zillion things that need to get done that day.

  2. I loved this blog! What a great way to look at being blessed!

  3. "Feeling full is when there's nothing else that matters."