Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen and Woody.

So, I painted my kitchen with black chalk board paint. As you can see, the kids think it's super cool. They've never really been "in" to paint color and home decor until now. Interesting. Regan has asked about 467,432 times if she can write on the wall. I have said yes every single time, but I still think the concept is so "out there" she's still getting used to it! She loves for me to write what we are having for dinner over the stove. The beauty of this fun wall is that when we want it to look a bit more put together, we can simply wipe it down for a clean, flat, black paint. We are on the hunt for a stainless stove. It's the only appliance in our kitchen that isn't stainless, so now it's driving me berserk because the rest of the room is just the way I want it. (I love the word berserk.)

I'm off to go lasso Woody to put him down for his nap! Yee haw! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday friends! Carry on...


  1. just came across your blog! It's great! what a great idea hun! love this post!