Monday, February 7, 2011

Upcoming bloggerversary.

Friday marks my "one month bloggerversary". (I know that's not really such a thing, but still.) I have loved every minute of sharing it has allowed me to do. I have loved, even more, the amazing feedback I've received from you, my lovely readers. You guys rock! If you have a friend (or a blog and some followers) that may enjoy reading, tell them to come on over, follow my blog, and let me know that YOU sent them! Whoever sends three or more followers my way is up for something fun!  Are you excited? You should be. Come on friends, you all know three people who are crazy enough to laugh along with me living and loving life! Also, if you've been reading and enjoy the blog, follow along! Followers will soon be up for some good things. So, here's to you. We are connecting. We are supporting. We are realizing how much fun the trivial can be. We are learning more about one another.

It's such an awesome experience to see women building one another up. Laughing along with one another. Offering advice. Showing friendship without even meeting face to face. Why haven't I been blogging for longer than a month? This is so, so good.

Referral-palooza ends Friday! 

What are you still doing here? Go get me some followers, fools!

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