Friday, February 4, 2011


Checking in real quick before a BIG weekend! It's husbo's birthday tomorrow, and we have a few things up our sleeves. I wanted to have the house all clean for him when he got home today, but instead Regan wanted to make a birthday banner. Yeah, that trumped the whole cleaning idea. So, Happy Birthday Eve, babe! The house is a disgusting pit, but you've got a big sheet of paper with princess stickers all over hanging on the wall with painter's tape! Lucky man, I tell ya. Also, it's Superbowl weekend! However, I wanted to say hi and give you a quick read. Here goes:

You know the show Strange Addiction where chicks are addicted to things like sucking their thumb, rocks, and eating laundry soap? I am TOTALLY sure Regan will be on there admitting she's addicted to Band-Aids in the near future. Girl's got major issues with the Band-Aids. Foot fetish...nah. Band-Aids are her weakness.

We went to open gym this morning and the kids had a blast. Regan kept pulling her pants up really high which was a little embarrassing, but I chose to pick my battles and go with it.  They LOVE running around with their friends at this gym so much! Also, Regan's cartwheels are getting really good. Girl's got mad cartwheel skills.

Regan just told me I was her favorite toy.

Lame post? Yes. Do I have anything more interesting? No.

Keep calm and happy weekending!

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  1. You crack me up girl! Tell Mike we said happy birthday!