Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend recap.

Weekend recap. (I'm sorry.)

Friday night:
Mike went to the Pacers game, out to dinner, and out on town with clients. A friend and I took the kids to Panda Express. That sounds fair, right? To ease my bitter heart, I will admit that we went to the mall as well. I got a smoothie. It was amazeballs. Tyler asked for a sip. I told him there was beer in it, and that we could not share my drink. (Reading about that night makes it sound even more lame than it was.)

Wasted the day by feeling like total poop. Dinner at the in laws. Regan was overtired and acted like a lunatic.

Lunch at  Steak and Shake. The kids wore the paper hats, made the old fashioned cars, and ate mini corn dogs. We sat and enjoyed each other and milkshakes for over two hours. Then, we took a trip to Toys R Us for the kids' Valentine's Day presents. We got them each little art trays, new markers, cards, candy, and books. Regan also got some Baby Alive diapers. And, as always, Daddy will bring her a rose tomorrow.

 Thank you for reading this. I know it wasn't that enjoyable.

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  1. Smoothie hording is great. If only I could use that excuse on my DH.