Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our night in black and white.

You know the kind of night that makes you feel all giddy, and glittery, and in love, and is perfect in a way that's so easy? We had one of those tonight. It was supposed to belong to Mike. It was going to be his night. But, instead, it belonged to us all. Babies were passed, kids chased and threw their heads back with laughter, friends were family, and family, once again, was everything they've always been. We yelled surprise, packed in, tucked away in a dim room, and made that room shine. Stories were told, smiles were memorized, and a big kind of love was present. It was thick in the air. Mike was happy. We celebrated him, his birthday, and one another. Here is our night in black and white.
A few family pics before we headed out!

Mike's blindfold. Regan's sleep mask. Whatever.
My sis in law (who doubles as one of my best friends, lucky me!), bro in law, and sweet Parker girl.
My soul sister. And Josher. LOVE THEM!
Our Papa and GG. They pretty much rock. Papa is Tyler's hero. GG is mine.

My other sis and bro in law. And baby Ryan is in there too!

Our Mimi and my handsome nephew.

Mike jumping to the ceiling to save my baby's balloons.Told you he was Superman. He can fly!

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  1. Hopped over from MckMama's and had to say, it TOTALLY looks like he is being pulled up by those balloons in that one picture!! Looks like a fun night!