Friday, October 7, 2011


We went to Michigan this summer for a getaway with my parents, who are known as GG and Papa. It was wonderful. It was the first time we kids had ever stayed in a hotel. They are accustomed to private beach houses, you know. Very seasoned travelers, let me tell you. :) They thought the hotel was a big, giant party! We all slept together in a king size bed upstairs, while GG and Papa slept downstairs with a random child at any given moment. Did you even know two story hotel rooms were such a thing? So fun! We also went swimming VERY late and ate long, lazy continental breakfasts. I will admit one morning Tyler ate 4 bowls of "Toot Loops" and wasted all of the eggs, waffles, and bagels available to him. This vacation also offered some other firsts for us. We learned how to hunt for fossils and found tons! We saw and conquered our first dunes, we paddle boarded for the first time, and the kids kayaked for the first time. Tyler fell in love with the sand and face planted in it several times to prove his deep affection, and Regan loved walking the beach and swimming  far, far out with her Daddy! We climbed the Warren Dunes which was really cool! Regan was the first to the top. :) We shared some awesome memories of hot sand, cool water, and long days with picnics at Warren Dunes and Weko Beach.


  1. did you enjoy lake michigan? It's my favorite.. we live 30 minutes from it and go there like 3 times a week in the summer!

  2. We loved it! We will go back for sure! It only took us about three hours, which worked well for us.