Friday, October 21, 2011


So, we were at the library yesterday. Keep in mind, I hate that freakin' place. Library time and I just don't vibe. But, we had a great moment there yesterday. As we walked into the childrens' wing, we approached the Thanksgiving books that were all placed together in the holiday section. I say, "Oh, look guys! Thanksgiving books! We should get some!" Regan, straight-faced and unimpressed (as usual) replies, "Why?" I go on to tell her we can lean and read about Thanksgiving and get so excited about the upcoming holiday. (Did I tell you I am generally more excited about holidays than either of my children?) So anyways, I'm going on and on, asking her "Aren't you excited for Thanksgiving?" My five year old then responds, "I don't see what the big deal is. Don't we just sit around all month and eat chickens?" For the love. Bless her heart.

This week we were in the works of a few possible BIG changes going on that I'll tell you about soon. Also, I realized on Wednesday evening that I've been dusting my WOOD FURNITURE with air freshener for months. I don't even know guys. As our week wraps up, we are looking forward to tomorrow morning... The family is heading to West Lafayette for Purdue's homecoming game. Boiler Up! (I AM A HOOSIER and an IU alum, but DO fully support my husband's alma mater. I'm nice that way.) 

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