Friday, March 4, 2011


This morning, we went to the circus for the first time with the kids. It was pouring rain, and we were supposed to meet a huge group of families from Regan's school (along with Mike who was coming from work), so I was not very optimistic about a calm, smooth morning. However, that is exactly what we got! I love that! The kids had a blast. Some of the highlights from the morning included:

-Tyler spotting the elephants and screaming with sheer delight, "Dinos!!!" Poor kid thought we were back in the Mesozoic Era.
-Spending time with some great families/friends from Regan's preschool. One of the best decisions we have ever made for her is choosing the school she attends. Love it!
-We were in the hallway buying candy for the kids and a cage of tigers rolled RIGHT by us. I swear I thought Tyler was going to go into cardiac arrest. SO EXCITED!!! He was yelling in his adorable little high pitched voice, "Mommy!!! Ti-er. Whooooooooooooo!!!!" 
-Watching the kids' faces as the tigers jumped through the fire ring.
-Regan telling me she didn't like the tiger trainer's shirt because "it showed his nipples."

-Regan sat next to some of her friends for a few minutes. I watched her be such a big girl, and I was proud like always. 

-A man doing a handstand rode a motorcycle on a tightrope with a gal hanging from it. The kids couldn't of cared less about the trick, but Mike and I thought it was pretty awesome. So, we all left happy.

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  1. Even though the circus scares the CRAP out of looks like you guys had a blast! :)