Friday, July 15, 2011

My guy.

Dareplanes are one of his favoire things.
Pies and bees are his least.
Ni-nos are totally awesome to him.
Nunu is his favorite drink.
He loves to see neighs, and he loves to tim with his wa wa wings.
Titi is his best friend, but sometimes he tells me titi mean.
He wears his pas nunning shoes when he's feeling speedy.
Neen is his favorite color, he even got a new neen ray har.
He loves for me to ree him a buh.
The kid still loves his kiki and didi.
He also loves to ho bibis.
That mine, Mommy uh, and me ha he he are often heard from this sweet boy.
I not bebe, I bebe. Depends on the day.
I bebe poo. The kids straight up needs to start potty training.
His doddie Hahie is his buddy.
He tells me I ov eeww.

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