Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lark Ranch and Boiler Football.

Every year, my parents come with us to a family fun day to celebrate Fall. In years past, we have gone to Stony Creek Farms, but this year we were ready to try something new. So, we all packed up and headed out to Lark Ranch. This place was awesome! We enjoyed hot dogs, pickles, caramel corn cobs, and a day of sliding, bouncing, picking, hay-riding, and antiquing. Tyler fell in a bucket and loved the tractors. Regan made corn angels and told me she was "having the best day." It was warm, we took it slow, and we celebrated Fall together. It was the kind of day I dream of.

We've also celebrated Fall with FOOTBALL. Because, duh. We headed down to Daddy's Alma Mater on a perfect Saturday morning after an Einstein's stop for bagels and coffee. We first hit up the college book store, then walked to our tailgate. Next, we were off to the game. The kids had a blast and were so good! They loved chanting "Boiler Up, Choo Choo!" It's so exciting thinking about where they will attend college. If they're smart like mama, they'll be Hoosiers too. (Even though I will admit the football IS better in W. Lafayette.)

Our cheerleader with her new pom poms!

The Golden Girl alumni! 
So much to celebrate. So much to be happy about. Go out and see what Fall has for you, friends.

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