Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thank you and clinging.

The journey of motherhood has humbled me and made me a braver, better version of myself.
Despite the fact that my days consist of little arms wrapped around my legs, heads peeking into the bathroom robbing me of the privacy and spare minutes I used to enjoy, and all the focus of my little family moving forward, I feel like I’m the one with a debt to pay. I’m the one who should be thanking my lucky stars for what we've created. I'm the one who should be reminded to say thank you. I'm the one who should making tiny little love notes and coloring pages to surprise them. I should be begging to play with them. But it gets busy, you know? So busy that my own heart forgets to be thankful and tells me that I'm the one who should be thanked, patted on the back, or deserving  recognition. But that's just not the case. I'm turning it around. It's not about me. The entire focus should be shifted. My boy, my girl, and my man are the ones who deserve the honor because it is an honor..... to wipe up their spills, to break up their squabbles, to support their choices and love unconditionally, to read story after story, and to cut the crusts off of sandwiches. If it weren't for these tasks that seem so monotonous, meaningless, and even sometimes annoying, I would be nothing. So, thank you babies for being who you are...demanding, loud, and fussy. Also for being loving, beautiful, kind, and unbelievably amazing. I love you for all that you are, the good and the sometimes not so fun, too. I accept you for all that you are, which is really, really hard to do sometimes. But, God designed little ones, and even spouses, to require a lot. The demanding job of wife and mama isn't supposed to run smoothly and be seamless. It's supposed to feel hard sometimes in order to remind us of how deep we love. So, thank you. It really is my greatest joy for you to be mine. I know that my husband and babies are the greatest tools God has given me to share the beauty of His Grace. When I choose to be patient, kind, level-headed, and giving, I can show my family, and others, a clear version of who He wants me to be. For that, I am thankful and forever indebted to Him and them.

Also, I've been trying to help the kids focus on clinging to what matters lately. With this, we started going to church again. (Why'd we ever take even one Sunday off, I'm not too sure?) But, we're back, and it feels amazing. The kids sat with me last week, and as we were leaving, Tyler retold the sermon including every last detail. They get it. They soak it in. I'm learning that when you show them the way, share the Word, and immerse them with Him, they cling to it. They soak it in and believe it. We've also been clinging to one another. After all, when the world seems hard, and mean, and unsettled that's all you have.

When the world spins, reach for each other.

In other news, freaking Thanksgiving is in about 5 minutes. Okay, not really, but NEXT Thursday?!?!? So, we've been turning on some Christmas music here and there, made our first Christmas craft, and I've been reeling with fun ideas for the season.

The kids drew Christmas trees, painted wooden plaques, and then Mod-Podged their trees onto the wood! Voila!

We also kicked off the season by welcoming Santa to our town. And, really, the entire town was there. My little family and my mom hit up the Hamilton Town Center Holiday Celebration last weekend, and we were met with bands, games of hockey, friends, and a Santa sighting. It was a blast!

Mom and I also got to take Regan to see a production of Cinderella last weekend. It was absolutely one of those times that I quickly thanked God for a little girl. It was adorable, and sweet, and fun to spend a girl's day celebrating being a girl!

Keep calm and carry on...

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