Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random facts that will captivte and entertain the masses.

You've probably seen the "Things You May Not Know About Me" lists going around. Here's mine... because I know you've been waiting. Merp.

1. Scars totally gross me out.
2. I applied to one college. Only one. It was all or nothing.
3. I was in a sorority at Indiana University. It taught me a lot about girls which is weird since I am one.
4. I really don't like dolphin memorabilia- tattoos, t shirts, etc.
5. I don't like dogs, especially little ones that lick and jump.
6. I've never broken any bones besides my toes. I've broken six or seven of those though.
7. I HATE being pregnant.
8. If you snore while I'm trying to sleep, I want to punch your throat.
9. I am super impatient.
10. I failed skipping in Kindergarten.
11. I am a terrible speller.
12. I hate the smell of pee and ketchup.
13. I was a junior high school English teacher for five years and can barely remember any of it.
14. I never know what gifts to buy for people.
15. I worked at Wet Seal in high school.
16. I swear I've seen a UFO before. I was with my mom. She saw it too. (I know you don't believe me.)
17. I love Rebel Wilson.
18. I never feel organized. Or on time. Or like I'm doing enough.
19. I only drink beer when I'm hot, at a a sporting event, or when I'm eating pizza, wings, or nachos.
20. My fingers are super crooked.
21. There isn't ONE SINGLE SONG I know all the words to.
22. I go to sleep really late.
23. I would always rather go out to eat versus cooking.
24. Proper names for things weird me out. Calling a butt a behind, a shirt a blouse, a burp a belch, etc makes me feel uncomfortable.
25. I can be super awkward and talk too much when I feel like someone isn't having fun.
26. I never take my contacts out.
27. I have shopped on Black Friday for the past 20 years.
28. I had foot surgery eight years ago and still can't feel my second toe.
29. I know nothing about astrology and plan to keep it that way. When someone asks me about my sign or horoscope, I immediately know we don't have much in common.
30. I firmly believe Hot Box pizza has the best ranch dressing in the world.
31. When I was 16, I was riding in a car with my friend during a monsoon. Her car was swept completely underwater with both of us in it. We lived.