Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Many things have changed for me since having kids. One thing that seems very different to me is that Easter is now one of my favorite holidays. There are so many beautiful traditions I get to share with my kids and family that I absolutely treasure. Plus, the best part about Easter, I have learned, is teaching my babies about the resurrection of Christ. What a miracle it is that he rose from the dead to give us the lives we live!
 To kick off the celebrations, we colored eggs. Anyone else try to do this with a two year old this year? Wowza!

 Tyler's method was throw the eggs in the cups like he was shooting basketballs into hoops.
 Checking each other's work.

 Eating an egg. Regan thought they were delish! Tyler literally shuddered with disgust.
 All dressed up to go see the bunny at the mall on Good Friday!

 The bunny visit went really well. See?
 After we ruined Tyler's life, we let Regan sit on the bunny's lap by herself so she could talk to him/her. She looked a little nervous, so I stepped in and said, "Regan, would you like to talk to the Easter bunny?" She responded, " OH, NEVER MIND. Let's just go eat lunch. I'm starving!" And then, she jumped off the bunny's lap and walked away. The end.
 We ate, and then took the kids to the Lego store to remind Tyler that we love him. Even if we did put him next to that huge freaky ass bunny.

 The next day, we were off to Conner Prairie for some more fun!
 We wore "olden day clothes." Somehow Regan looks adorable as a little prairie girl, and I look like a HUGE prairie whale. Thank goodness that look went out of style in 1875.
 Here we are again looking a bit more current. She was so proud she dressed herself that day. Hence, the three shades of purple and bunny ears!
 Tyler practicing driving a tractor with his feet. 'Cause, you know, sometimes that comes in handy.
 Regan's puppet show.

Regan stuffed me in a size 4T costume, then walked away. So, I sat there by myself looking like a total tool as other patrons walked by. Neat!

Tyler milking a cow. He liked it a little too much.

 Easter morning goodies!!!

 After the baskets were enjoyed, we went to the 9:30 service at church. I love our church. Both of our babies were dedicated at East 91st Street Christian Church, and we love it! We let the babes sit with us, and they did amazingly well! The message was beautiful, and the kids sat snuggled in our laps! Perfect morning!
 Next up, Mimi's house!!!
 Easter egg hunt in the basement thanks the the SEVEN inches of rain we've had this month. Idiot rain.

 My two beautiful sister in laws are fat!
 Here I am teaching them how to push their babies out. So classy and pretty.

 My bro in law found a snake.
 Then, he became a snake charmer.
 The boys found a few mushrooms. Tyler was horrified by these and kept pointing at them and yelling, "Poop!!"

My handsome man.
 Finally, we made our way to great grandpa's to see GG and Papa!!!

This picture is very special to me. Tyler and Papa share an extremely wonderful relationship.

Another Easter egg hunt, more spoiling and baskets, and food were enjoyed. When I say we are blessed, it just doesn't sound good enough. We are full. We have more than we could ever need or want. We have family and friends who make Easter, and every single other day of the year magical. The memories and  traditions of Easter mean so much to me, and I love that my babies will someday look back and remember this holiday as one of their favorites as well. And, hopefully, pass down some of what we've given them to their babies. I hope everyone's  Easter was full of happiness and blessings. He is Risen, indeed!

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  1. Love it all!! Especially the part where you are showing the girls how to "push their babies out"! FYI, you have the skinniest legs on earth :)