Monday, May 2, 2011

School Days!

It's now May! Say, whaaaat! The weather would like to try to prove otherwise, but summer is almost here. This means that the school year is winding down for Regan. She has learned so much this year, and I can honestly say she goes to one of the best preschools ever! She now knows several Spanish vocabulary words, which she likes to try to show off to her brother, even though he's still working on his native language. She also is VERY into art and LOVES to draw. This chick would bite off her own finger to get the perfect shade of red if need be. She is so dedicated to her artwork. It really does make me so proud. She has also studied space, science, exercise and foods,  has begun very early reader books, and has just blossomed into this little person who seems so big sometimes. I attended her conference last week, and Mrs. Shelli had nothing but great things to share. She knows most of her lower case letters, all of her upper case letters, can write and spell her first and last name, knows her phone number, is social, and gets along well with other kids. We still struggle some mornings with her not wanting to go to school, but her teachers said they would have never guessed that because when she is there, she is happy! Because her birthday is July 29th, she only makes the cut off for kindergarten by a day. So we have decided to keep her in preschool one more year before sending her to kindergarten, just to be sure she is 100% ready to roll! The great news is, I have one more year to enjoy my baby girl before she goes off to school and leaves me forever.... waaaaahhhhhhhh!

A couple weeks back, Regan's school hosted Doughnuts with Dad. Of course, he is her hero, and they had a beautiful morning. I really wish every single little girl in the world looked up to her dad and could count on a man the way my girl does.
These pictures absolutely crack me up because Regan took her brother in for show and tell. You see, it was "T Day." And, while other kids brought in tape measures, T-Rex dinos, and other T word items, my kid brought in her brother. ('Cause you know, Tyler starts with T.) Hilarious, I tell you. The best part was all of the classmates asked questions about him like he was an inanimate object, just as they did with the other kids show and tell items. "When did you get that?" "What does he do?"I had to sit in the back and try not to laugh.

 She was so proud of him this day. He didn't have a clue what was going on, obviously. He just liked the toys!

Regan girl, you have learned so much at school, about your world, and about what's important to you this year. You are becoming quite the independent, brilliant little girl I always knew you would be. Your teachers love you, your classmates love you, and most of all... your family adores you. You are infectious. You are hard to win over and certainly do not wear your heart on your sleeve. You are tough. You stand up for what is right and for what you believe in. All the while, you do so with grace. That, kid, is hard to do.

I am so lucky to be your mama. If I could go back and imagine what the perfect daughter would be like before you were here, I would have  imagined and hoped for a girl just like you.

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