Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yo mama.

Today is the day that our kids pick us weeds and dandilions and present them with pride. They bring us homemade cards with shy smiles. They make us smoothies, and key chains, and breakfast or lunch. Whatever little gesture that was presented today was beautiful and perfect because it was from them.

I so love the precious little people we were given. About a million times a day, I look at my children and STILL can't wrap my mind around the fact that they are mine. I made them. I still am making them by being their mama each day, guiding them through this world. And you know what? I will feel this way until I am done feeling, which means my mama still feels this for me. That's the thing. Being a mama is forever, and if you do it right, the way my mom did, it gets better and better and soon your mom is not only that, but your best friend too.

My Mother's Day was filled with precious alone time with my mom and a rendezvous at PF Changs, a soccer game where my girl blocked and became brave and self assured, shopping with my mama and my baby girl, a cookout, a new blender from my husband and babies, a smoothie when I rolled out of bed at 10:30 made by my babies, a lunch with Mike's family, and a solo trip to the craft store! My Mother's Day was perfect. But, so is every other day with my two beautiful blessings. They are my light. Tyler's smiles, the new words he learns each day, and the way he hold s a special place in his heart for me just completely brings me to my knees. Regan's laughter, her dances and growing sense of humor, and her beautiful energy keep me hopeful of all the things she will do in this life. I never knew a love like this existed. It almost aches sometimes it so deep.

Whether you are a mama, missing your mama, want to become a mama, about to become a mama, are missing a baby that would have made you a mama, or are a GG, Mimi, Nana, Auntie, Grammy, here's to you. Filling this roll is the single most important job in the world. We have the power to make or break a child. We teach these young people what to expect of themselves and of each other.

 Regan made me a ceramic coaster with her picture on it at school. I tell you what, the gifts they bring home these days are AMAZING!!! No more noodle necklaces!
 She asked to take these two pictures of me/us because she couldn't wait to give me my gifts until Daddy got home to take pictures!
 She is my heart.

 Three generations.

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like your husband chopping your head off in the only picture with me and the babies! Thanks hon, it's beautiful! That's okay.... I look like I need to go visit a chiropractor anyways. Nice posture. 

Yo mama so bald, when she braids her hair, it looks like stitches.
Yo mama so bald, when she puts on a turtle neck she looks like a roll on deodorant.
Yo mama so short she poses for trophies.

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