Sunday, August 28, 2011


This week was full of firsts for us. I visited Regan's new school for Parent Orientation. It was amazing. I had tears in my eyes when the pastor of the church showed up to pray for our kids. He said he knew it was hard to trust others with the kids, and that the teachers at the school made it their JOB to LOVE kids. Can't ask for much more, I guess. The school she attended last year was AHHHH-MAZING, and this school was right up there as well. I feel very blessed to have so many opportunities for the kids in our area to get involved and educated with the very best resources. Luckies. On Thursday, we all loaded up and went to Regan's Meet the Teacher Day.

She got to see her classroom, the playground, the gym, and of course, meet her teachers. Her teachers seem SO great, are super organized, and have some great things planned for the kids. They are keeping journals, cooking, and are learning outside the box this year for Transitional Kindergarten. (Doesn't that just sound cool?) ;) She was a little out of sorts that day and was super shy, but I do think she's excited for school to begin on Monday. It's hard to believe this is her last year of preschool. Next year she will go to kindergarten, and she is already telling me she wants to ride the bus! (We will have to see about that one.) I can't wait to see how much she will learn and grow this year. I swear this kid is scary smart. Her attention span can outlast my own any day of the week, she recognizes landmarks such as Machu Picchu and the Sydney Opera House, knows all about letters, sounds and how reading works (I'm holding out on teaching her for fear that she will do nothing else!), and really gets intra and inter personal relationships. She longs to know how the world really operates day to day with questions about remote controls, nature, and Jesmin, our Compassion child we adopted from Bangladesh. She is progressing at swimming class like a fish earning ribbons and graduating from her original class, and also is learning the game of tennis. She's also funny. I mean, her favorite shows are The Office and Modern Family. I know those aren't technically appropriate for kids, but personally I think they're way better than any silly episode of the Bubbleguppies. I mean, come on. Okay, enough annoying Bragmom. I'm a proud lady.

Little lady also got to go to her very first Colts game with her Daddy. She was so excited! They went to Steak N Shake beforehand, got her face painted with sparkles and a horseshoe, met up with Uncle Matt and Aunt BB for a few minutes at the game, and walked all around the stadium a lot. She is so blessed to have a Daddy that thinks to take her on special dates and remind her that she's the most wonderful, special little lady in our universe. She feels important and valued because of her Daddy. And, this will one day translate into finding a man that takes time and plans important nights for her, values her, and reminds her that she is wonderful. Whatever boy she chooses sure does have big shoes to fill, but that's exactly the way it's supposed to work. This little lady will accept nothing but the best because her Daddy reminds her every day that this is what she deserves. So, they went to her first Colts game and shared a dinner. She came home asleep in his arms, and woke up with memories and a ticket stub that will remind her of this night.

Another first in our family is all about batman undies, potties, and pee pee.

This week, my buddy picked out his own pack of Batman undies, and actually wanted to wear them. Yes, he peed in all three pairs within two hours, and peed in the potty zero times. But hey, normally when I even SAY potty, he cries. I think he's not yet ready to tackle this quite yet, but when he turns 2 1/2, we will try again. For now, he's loving the idea of wearing undies. And peeing IN them. Bless his heart. My man is also loving his new squinky toys, loves the color green so much her hugged his green crayon while coloring at the Sweet Life cupcake shop on Thursday, and repeats EVERYTHING we say. Because of this, Tyler also celebrated another first. He "read" a book all by himself from beginning to end this week. He can recite Brown Bear, Brown Bear in it's entirety, and I die of cuteness attacks every. single. time.

In a week full of firsts, many things remained constant and true. We took "jammy walks", we visited parks, we planted flowers, we played with our baby Evan, we broke up fights between sister and brother, we celebrated Uncle Matt and Uncle Sam's birthdays, and we swam. Weeks are like that. Somethings are new and exciting, and some are comfortable and routine. Life is a good balance that way. Life is good. Period.

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