Sunday, December 16, 2012

More than just a party.

Tonight, this room served as a stage. True friendship, loyal ties, and genuine love were the stars of the show. Friends poured one another drinks, grand babies snuggled grandparents, friends and cousins chased and played, forever friends hugged and picked up each other's babies, and everyone felt magic in the air. The magic was contagious, and happy, and had it's own energy.

But, as love took center stage, I couldn't help but think about the babies that were taken too soon last Friday in Connecticut. Their mamas are deep, deep in grief tonight. Those babies aren't running around with their friends, they won't see their cousins again, they won't decorate their gingerbread houses with their daddies. Their mama's are weeping. It's not fair. There are no words, other than God was there. He's always there. Friday was not part of his plan. He has a beautiful story written for us, but sin gets in the way. God can not get rid of sin or else we'd all be gone. We are all sinners of various degrees. What we can do is remember He is the light to show us to brighter days. Days when the missing babies mama's will wake up and feel just a bit better. But for now, they grieve. And even though we continue to celebrate the season, and throw parties, and decorate our gingerbread houses, we grieve with them. I can not imagine. Parents love our children so much that it's aches. So, as we remember these taken babies, we ache too. A mama's heart loves all children. A daddy's heart does too. So, as I love on my kids, on my friends kids, on my niece and nephews, I hold tighter.

I do not take my blessings for granted. I am grateful. Some days, I don't even know what to do with it all. My babies are here with me. And, now, it just doesn't seem fair. So, my promise is too breathe them in, hold them tight, and make sure they know they are loved because as we know, each day could be our last. Spread love, show love, and receive love like you mean it.

I loved tonight. I loved the planning, the decorating, the calling of friends to come help write our story. I can't wait to hear how Regan and Tyler will rememberand retell these nights. This was our third time hosting our "Gingerbread House Party," and it was exactly what we hoped for.

After the last guests left, we tucked our babies safely in bed. They were happy from a night filled with memories. Not every child went to bed happy tonight. Not every parent was able to tuck their baby in tonight, and for them we pray for God's peace. Only He can comfort in a way that is enough.

Keep calm and carry on.....

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