Wednesday, January 23, 2013


To my babies:
I was scrolling through some pictures tonight.
Taking a little trip down memory lane.
And I couldn't help but notice all of the quick, casual, seemingly simple pictures of us together.
Just being together, going about our day. 
Running errands, riding in the car, listening to songs on the radio, eating ice cream, doing everyday things.
 Image after image showed me the same thing.
You are both so little, and young, and perfect, and loved. 
 I hope you remember these days.
While they certainly are not perfect, and your Mommy sometimes gets busy, and impatient, and hurried,
These will forever be the best days of my life.
You both love with your whole hearts, and go where I go, and think it's great to ride around town with Mommy.
You aren't in a hurry to get anywhere.
You just are who you are, and because of that, teach me more than you will ever know.
I hope some of this stays with you as you grow older.
I hope simple days, silly snapshots, and just being together always mean a lot to you.
Even on the most frazzled, rushed, hardest day, you are still the best part of it.
My greatest blessing, truly, has been to know you and spend my days with you.
I have locked these days into my heart.... and hopefully into yours.
The little moments captured tell a bigger story of true togetherness that could never be paralleled
And as you grow, always, always know that every day, big or small, is the perfect day to choose happiness,
To choose to do something bigger than yourself,
To make time for friends, and faith, and fun, and love.
Because at the end of that day...well, that's all you really need.
I've been thinking a lot about how we spend our time. I hope you both know you have the decision to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. You each have the choice to take hold of your time and turn your 24 hours into something of meaning. Call your friends, make a meal for someone, go exploring, have some fun, see your loved ones, take time to see if anyone needs some help, be a blessing to another, or accomplish something you are proud of. God has a plan for each day of your life, and it is up to you to fulfill His high hopes. Be bigger than you think you can be.. especially be bigger than what others are someday going to tell you you are. Use your time wisely, for it is never guaranteed and can touch someone else in a profound way. But, for now, be mine, and I will be yours. For it is my time to teach you, build you up, and fill you with as much as I can. There are still days I can't even believe you exist. You came from me, and sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a good job (because DANG is it overwhelming to be completely responsible for turning a helpless baby into a productive member of society!) But then, I see you. I am instantly reminded of my purpose. No matter how badly I behave or fail or react, I am good because I am a part of you. You have allowed me a chance to be a part of something wonderful, and maybe (just maybe) we will make it through the days, the nights, the big, and the small remembering how wonderful it was.
Love always and forever,

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