Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monster Jam

Questions and Answers: Monster Jam Edition
Q: "Mommy, when will the trucks start wreckin'?"
A: "When the time trials are finished."

Q: "What are time trials?"
A: "The races at the beginning to see which truck is the fastest."
Q: "Well, aren't they all fast since they all have monsters in them?"
A: "Yes, but it's fun to see who's the fastest."
Q: "Mama, why does that man have a kid shirt on?"
A: "It's not a kid shirt, some grown ups just really like "The Gravedigger."
Q: "Well, why doesn't Daddy have that shirt? Doesn't he like monster trucks?"
A: "Probably not as much as the guy in The Gravedigger t-shirt."
Q: "Mama, why does that lady have three bellies?"
A: "Those aren't all bellies. BE QUIET!!!!"

Q: "Can I have a pack of the ($15) cotton candy?"
A: "Sure." (Before I knew that it was $15!!! That answer would have been different had I known.)
Q: "Why does it smell like pee in here?"
A: "Because the 14 year old sitting right next to us peed his pants, and now it's under my seat."
Q: "Why is that lady screaming at that truck?"
A: "She must love trucks even more than you."
Q: "Can we come back every year?
A: "Sure, kid. I'm glad you loved it."