Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I constantly remind myself that I am the author of our story, both literally (as I write this blog) and figuratively (as I help create memories and traditions that will be remembered and passed down). The job of writing, planning, and telling our story is sometimes overwhelming. But, what it offers me is the chance to evaluate how we spend our time, what we value, what we cherish, and what we can do without. Each day is a chance to create a piece of the story that's worth telling. What I've noticed lately is that a lot of extras can be cut from our days. I am finding that easy home days are often much better than busy play days. My babies are still young so all they still really need is for us to read with them, get on the floor and pretend with them, and to show them that simple fun is the best fun. So, suddenly "time" isn't quite as hard to find and more meaningful minutes are being spent. I've been asking, "It this worth my time? Am I willing to trade moments I cherish for this?" If the answer isn't clear, we don't do it. Suddenly, the day turns itself around. I have time to write, and read, and play, and see my family, and plan, and connect with the people who mean the most. Even my snapshots throughout the day are telling a different, slower kind of story.


I suppose what it all comes down to is this:
How we spend our time shows what we value.
So does who we spend our time with.
Use it wisely.
Pick your people wisely.

Time this week has been spent on:

Being adorable and girly.
 Grocery shopping with my three kids.
 Being adorable and girly.
 Loving on babies.
 Being adorable and girly.
 Getting haircuts.
 Writing books for Daddy's upcoming birthday.
And stepping it up a notch in the house planning...because it's true!! Someday soon, we're actually going to live there!
As I continue to make my way through the rest of this week, I will remember. This time is mine. I am in charge of it, and no one can take it from me unless I let them. I will protect it, use it wisely, and fill it with goodness.