Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thinking about things I like.

Every single time the sun does something spectacular, my kids notice. They'll talk about how God put pink in the sky for Regan and blue in the sky for Tyler. They'll say, "Hey look! The curly clouds are noodles!" or sometimes just stare at it quietly trying to take in all that it has to offer. Regardless of how they react, they always do. Never do I have to point out a beautiful sky. What I love best about this is that they sort of give the sky a giant pat on the back for putting on a show... for doing something extra. They do this with me too. Always when I put a little extra something into the day, they notice, revel in it, and it never goes unnoticed. It feels good for our efforts to be noticed. Those tiny pats on the back (whether you're a mama just trying her best or a big giant lit up sky) feel good. Which makes me wonder how many missed opportunities I've had to notice other's say good job, to recognize the show, to give a pat on the back. So this week, my focus will be to look for ways to recognize the efforts being made all around me and say, "You know what? I like that."

Speaking of things I've been liking lately:

Watching my babies create something even bigger than what I ever hoped it would be. I grew up without  a sibling and always thought having one would be wonderful. My greatest gift to each of my children is the other one. They are in love. I am in love.

Building your own home allows for lots of fun trips.


Time with friends:

I've always believed you have to make time for what's important. This month has brought about late night movie dates, dinners, basketball games, basement parties, playdates, antiquing sessions, breakfasts, baby cuddles, and countless hours connecting with friends. You got to make time. That is a truth I am positive of.

One of my favorite things about both of my children is their willingness to try. Never are they hesitant to try. Never are they embarrassed if they don't make the basket, run the fastest, or kick the hardest. They just keep at it and look over at their mama on the sidelines and wave and
'"thumbs up" and smile and carry on. I hope they never, ever lose this. 



Regan tried and succeeded in her first public reading performance to Tyler's class.

Also, the blog is beginning to undergo a few changes. Finally, I'm doing something more with it. More content, better images, new ideas, and a new look are all on the way. I love this place. I can't tell you how much it means to me to tell our story. Everyone has one worth telling.