Thursday, September 26, 2013

One day.

Dear babies,

One day you're going to go into your own babies' rooms really late at night to put away some laundry, and you're going to catch a glimpse of a sleeping face. You'll drop the laundry and go straight to that face to memorize it again so that you will never forget that very moment. You'll feel like there's no possible way that God meant for you to have all of this.... You'll think, "Surely this face was meant for someone else, someone more deserving, someone who has a few more things put together because this is bigger and more beautiful than what I was supposed to get."
And then, you'll do what you always do. You'll promise yourself never to forget the very idea of how incredibly blessed you are, and you'll do your best with what you've been given because you'll swear those babies are better than you could ever be.
One day you'll know how loved you are tonight because one day you'll love that way too.