Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mom is the loneliest number.

A lot of people would probably describe me as a talker. Lately, it's been in overdrive. I've been talking, and talking, and talking. I've talked to Heather, Suni, Ashley, Amy, and Casey. These names may not mean a lot to you right now, but they're filling me up. They're telling me the fire God has set inside of me is about to spread. All this talking has led us to one thing: women need one another.

The days of competive and judgemental motherhood are done. It's weak. It looks ugly, it's isolating to everyone involved, and it certainly doesn't glorify God. A while back, I actually was told by a mama that it wasn't worth her time to have friends. No. God loves community. God loves when we come together to breathe life into one another. I will spend my life showing others (and my children) that people are worth it. God created us to love one another, just the way He loves us.

We need one another to feel encouraged, uplifted, empowered, and to glorify God. We need one another to create a community of believers who can serve as models of grace and real life-livers.

So, how do we get there? Well, that's the tricky part, huh?

-Please, please do NOT tell me to sign up for MOPS. I have done this before and while I do believe there are many beautiful parts of this program, there's just something unnatural for me about driving to a place, signing my kid in and giving him away, and then sitting at an assigned table for an hour to discuss an assigned topic. I KNOW this blesses many, many ladies around the world, but me? I need more grit. Something more authentic. A raw look inside. (I must note: I gained one of my most treasured friends from my MOPS expreience. Hi, Heather!)

-Do we ask each other out on mom dates?

-Do we compliment one another's yoga pants, and then go straight in for the kill? How do we bless one another?!?

-Do we walk around sad places like Monkey Joe's and look for moms with kids similar in our kids ages, and ask them if they like coffee?

-Do I stop a mom at Target who is obviously struggling and ask her how I can help?

How do I get inside? How do we get out there and encourage? I absolutely know the need is there. I hear it over and over. Mom is the loneliest number. Sure, we're constantly surrounded by kids, and people, and more people. But, do they KNOW us? Do they touch our hearts? Do they inspire us to be creative, or to go to church, or to love one another better? Probably not? So how do we create these relationships between women to build one another up? So we don't feel so isolated. So defeated. So alone. So inferior. You know, some days, may we even need someone around to celebrate our successes with us! To pray with us! To praise the good in our lives! Life isn't ALL doom and gloom, after all. ;)

I think what I've come up with so far is that we meet these ladies where they are. We go to their house and just show up. We say, "Here I am. What do you need?" We start small. We work within our circle that God has already blessed us with. We don't need to move mountains. We just need to remember not to take what we already have for granted. Look in front of you. THAT'S how you start, right? Also, we need to plan a party and drink wine together because that encourages us too.

Lady power and love (some days my lameness even surprises me),


We're planning. We're praying. We want to hear from you. Could you email me any ideas at rralstin@hotmail.com? Heck, if you know me, call me. (You know I love talking on the phone! I really do. So old school.)