Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Then and now.

Then: I used to be cool shower. Like, almost every day. I was on it....
Now: I use baby wipes to "wash" my face, clean my stove top, and tidy my son's butt.

Then: I was ready to go once I put the key in the ignition.
Now: I'm ready once I've buckled everyone, packed a stroller, verified we have diapers and wipes, checked for paci and blankie, confirmed we have two sippy cups, made sure we have ample supply of snacks and "bad guys," and started the movie.

Then: I got dressed with pants that had zippers and buttons, wore heels, and fitted tops. Even jewelry!
Now: "Dressy" means I changed out of my husband's sweats and put on my fancy PINK sweats instead.

Then: I had a real job, was a professional, and went to work like a grown up.
Now: I can no longer even add.

Then: I talked about important semi-important topics.
Now: What the hell was I even talking about?

Then: I went to Sephora, Ulta, and nice shops to buy myself makeup and grooming products.
Now: I sometimes brush my teeth with Batman toothpaste.

Then: Was called Miss.
Now: It's Ma'am.

Then: I wanted to travel around the world visiting new countries.
Now : I can't even go to the mall without the double stroller getting stuck in the door because it's too wide, and within five minutes I've already lost a child in the shoe department.

Then: I could jump on a trampoline with full bladder control.
Now: I can't.

Then: Interesting.
Now: Pinteresting.

Then: Cool films at the Keystone Arts Cinema.
Now: Toy Story on Ice.

Then: Perky.
Now: Saggy.

Then: Man-hunting.
Now: Diego starts to look kinda cute after a few episodes.

Then: Nice wine al fresco.
Now: Wine on the couch before bed.

Then: Wondering where it would all lead....
Now: Knowing I'm exactly where I want to be.