Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was two days ago now. And, all day long I tried to write about the love I feel for my family. I tried and tried to write them a love letter on that special day. And, every time I sat down to begin, the words were never good enough or big enough. This is a love story that I could have never dreamed. In a world of critics, we beat the odds. I met a man, who is honest, kind, and everything a lady could hope for. We fell in love. We made two babies who taught us that the love we felt before was only the beginning. Is it a fairy tale every day? Nope, there are valleys to go along with the peaks, but I choose to focus on the love that writes our real life love story. My greatest hope is that my babies will always feel the love we try to show them while they are little. So, they will grow to know no different. They will expect nothing but respect, love, and kindness from their partner. And, they will show the same to their partner because that is how you love.

Until this year, I never really got into Valentine's Day. But I swear this one kinda rivaled with Christmas even. Honestly, it was awesome. The day was full of love. I swear I could have floated away on a rainbow full of glitter riding on a dag-gone unicorn. I was so happy and full of love.

 We made these for the teachers in our lives. They were a hit.
 Valentine's morning. Already feelin' the love.
 Ready to go!
 We hit up Monkey Joe's because this is how to speak my babies love language.
 Piano lessons.
 Picking up our Valentine dinner. The kids were scared to death!
 The babies made a giant banner for their Daddy!
 I found this tucked away randomly in the corner on the playroom. So sweet.
 Oh, hi dinner.
Regan knows what to expect from a man. Her Daddy has set the bar high! Look at that face!

Love doesn't mean perfection. All the time I look at my family. My man, my girl, my boy. I think to myself, "Did I really do this... is this all really mine...?"  Thank you God for this love. I absolutely believe in fairy tales. They are true. They are possible. They are real.

To my sweet babies- Love with all your heart. Hug, kiss, hold hands, believe in romance. Be open to the possibility of love. Show love, expect a great love. Don't be afraid of being hurt. Love anyway.

I love you more than anything in this world. Nothing will change this. I promise to love you unconditionally, fiercely protect you, and be by your side to cheer with you, cry with you, and walk with you through each step of your journey. Your innocence makes my ache with love for you today, and the promise of your future makes me ache with love for tomorrow. I was born to be your mother. Nothing gives me more joy than to hold you, wipe away your tears, and hear your laughter. To this day, I can still be caught off guard when I see just how beautiful you look from time to time. Your love amazes me, not just on valentine's Day, but every. single. day.

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