Monday, February 20, 2012


Last Friday, the Mr. and I snuck away to Ted's at Clay Terrace for dinner. One of our favorite things to do is slip in the bar, eat a quick, relaxed dinner, and get to where we're going. This night we talked about big plans, the kids (of course), politics (a little), and real life grown up things. We talked a lot about whether or not you are destined for a certain kind of life due to circumstances, or whether it's really true that you can be anything and do anything with the right elements tied in. I am always really interested about people's ideas on that topic. And, after a yummo dinner and a few brewskies, we were off to the Palladium to see.........drumroll please........Bruce Hornsby. Yep, Bruce. It was totally awesome. His voice made me stop thinking about eveything and just be. He played Manolin Rain. He told stories about his boys. He rocks.

Here is our night in pictures.

2nd row!
Intermission shot.
Cool bathroom floor.

Gotta love the creepy self portrait, but ya gotta have the outfit shot!

Prettiest bathroom ever! I'm so awesome it stings. Don't mind the lady in the restroom with the camera.


I love my husband. I love date nights. The end.

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