Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Things I heard today.

"I'm not kidding you, I'm just mocking you."
"Look Sissy, I only have one nipple."
"Can we take a sock bath?"
"Mommy, why do you eat so much?"
"Mommy, do some women shave their face 'cause I think I'm gonna be one of them if they do?"
"Is this yogurt organic?"
"Buddy, we need to have a no fight policy."

"Mommy, did you do Wacky Wednesday at school when you were young? If not, that's just sad."
"What time is tumbling? I have GOT to cut my fingernails before we go!"
"Can we cuddle and watch toon toons?"
"If you give the magic look, you'll get what you want."
"I'll wash your back, but you have to wash your own butt."
"You hit me right in the peanuts!"
"What do ants eat?"
"Why is Dr. Seuss so scary looking if he's for kids? That's not appropriate."