Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Easter 2012.

Easter happened a month ago now.
We colored eggs, just as we always do.We did a lot of things the same just as always.I love our traditions. I love recreating moments year after year. Doing the same things over and over, year after year, helps define who we are.
But this year was much different in some ways too, so I wanted to make a point to write about it, even though a month has passed since we celebrated. 
This year was calm. We dipped and dyed and  colored and no one spilled or cried or got a time out for fighting over what color they wanted next. It was an Easter of peace and love and ease.
Of beauty.
Of togetherness.
Of happiness.
Of promise.
Of still being young.
We truly enjoyed this Easter.
We saw the bunny and this year and no one screamed their brains out.
They sat atop that dag gone bunny's lap and just smiled their heads off.
And told him they loved him and Jesus.
We went to church with Uncle Sam, Aunt Lissa and Ryan on Good Friday. The kids bowed their heads and prayed and broke my heart. 

They got Easter cards in the mail.
And then, we packed up on Easter eve and headed down to Florida! Talk about a new way to celebrate Jesus.

 I filled baskets at midnight in a small condo bathroom in Florida and hid them under a coffee table. We had made our way to Destin.

The next morning, they loved that the Easter Bunny knew how to find them... even far from home!
We remembered to check out the view from our place as we ripped into coffee, Easter baskets, and some breakfast.

Baskets from GG and Papa! It was their (amazing) idea to spend Easter in Florida. Pretty genius, really.

We had our egg hunt on the beach!

And then rolled and luxuriated in the sand. These kids love sand.
Easter 2012.

Top floor!

They couldn't believe they got to pick out their very own crabs. Mike went out for his morning run, so I decided to walk the kids over Alvin's Island, a big 'ole gaudy souvenir shop. I saw the giant crab cage right away and just knew I would say yes when they asked.
Tyler was severely obsessed with his new friend, Spider the Crab.

The two best ever! GG and Papa!
These beach babies are gorgeous!

We took a boat ride that was nothing short of hysterical fun! We sang, drank, and were definitely merry.

Feeding the sea gulls crackers out of our hands was a new, terrifying experience for me. The kids, however, were all about it. 

Driving a boat full of people! Sounded safe enough at the time.
We got to see about a million dolphins.See that tiny fin out there?
We sang "Big Green Tractor" at a concert. 

We fished and found crabbies.

Easter was so good. The time together and the focus on Jesus, despite all of the fun, made us feel blessed beyond measure. Thank you GG and Papa for loving us. Thank you Jesus for loving us despite who we are. We are never worthy of they way you love us, but we are forever focused on loving you back.

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