Friday, May 4, 2012

Response to readers question #1: Babies and jobs?

"Okay lady, here are my questions for your blog! Are you planning on having another baby and do you plan on returning to work when your kiddos get older?"

I actually had three different people ask if we were planning on adding another baby to our family. The quick answer is no. We are not. The longer version would go something like this... We feel totally complete with two children and two parents (and a big 'ole dog and a hermit crab). This is who we are supposed to be. We have gotten to a point where life has just fallen into place. We feel balanced, full, and totally in love with exactly what we've created and who we've become. For me, I feel adding to our family would throw us off balance. We are able to pick up at a moments notice and do almost anything our hearts desire. Not having a baby allows for a certain amount of freedom, a spontaneity that I love. Plus, I am totally fine with sleeping through the night. :)We are done making beautiful babies, and my heart feels totally happy with that.

As far as going back to work, I guess it's still too far away to give a definitive answer. Tyler doesn't go to Kindergarten for another 2 1/2 years. What I do not plan on doing until the kids are much older is returning to the classroom to teach full time. I get very consumed with teaching because I love it. When I teach, I need the time to do it well. And obviously, when I mother, I need time to do that as best I can too. So, to do both, the way I want to do them, just doesn't work. But, I really will always love teaching, especially my middle school Language Arts students. Teaching seventh graders to write well and to love to read was truly an awesome job. I loved going to work. I loved those kids. What I do plan to do is something a bit more unconventional. I have an English Education degree from IU, and I do plan to use it in some manner. A job in Reading Recovery, Title I, or social work would make sense for me. I do want to find something that shows my children that I love teaching and reaching out to kids. Leaving that legacy is important to me. Plus, what the heck else am I going to do once the kids are gone allllllll day? Sobbbbbb. Overall, once the kids are old enough to spread their wings and fly, I will find a job that I love so that it doesn't feel to "jobby." My passion is teaching kids, so I'm sure I will find my way back to it in some realm. Either that or join the circus!

Whether or not we plan life, or life plans us, I really do hope to teach my kids to embrace a certain amount of spontaneous wonder. I want them to stop their work, walk out front, and just be.
 I want them to have time to play, and explore, and love what they do so they will grow to follow their interests and make time to feel passionate about whatever they feel is worth their time.
 I try to live my life in way way that will show my babes that a person has the ability to decide to be happy.
 I just hope they learn how to have fun and never stop having it.
 The babies are so full of wonder and own trusting hearts.
 Who says that has to change?
 Babies, please remember to notice all of the things that are beautiful.
 And to take flowers to your family members. (Thanks again Lissa and Sam. We love you.)
 And to cut up strawberries to share with friends.
 And to play and love and always remember what it is that makes you happy.
And follow that.

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